Friday, July 3, 2009

Forbidden fruits

My friend Rita whom I hadn't seen in ages passed by the office
yesterday for a chat. She's a lesbian stunning beauty with a warped
sense of humour. As we chatted enjoying some fruit she came across
these two strawberries she tried to convince me resemble body parts. I
don't get it, do you? She even modelled the picture even though her
nail-polish was flaking!


  1. eehm,the big one looks like a va jj and the other one a penis and balls

  2. The strawberries are in good company with the Coco De Mer nut from Seychelles.


  4. They pretty much look like strawberries to me... But then again, I have no imagination!

    Have a gay weekend rafiki,


  5. Hi Anon,

    Naughty! Go stand at the back of the! xx

    Hi Shiko-Msa,

    Maajabu kabisa, bila words! xxx

    Hi Billy,

    I'm looking forward to a gay weekend (nice food, sadly no drink) and lots of rest. Thanks fella. xxx

  6. hizo mbili ni kubwa kuliko tatu?what are trying to compare the Williams and the gay men of this world?

  7. a cameltoe'd strawberry (wonder what caused it)? the other three lil ones pale in size and structure.

    ha! Shiko-Msa - mother nature and her wonders never cease.

  8. Hi Mama Shujaa,

    CAMELTOE!! Lol! You amaze me, lmao! xxx

  9. OMG why cant my strawberries look like genetalia. X


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