Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Grannies drop kicked in robbery as harsh economic times bite

In response to those kind souls who emailed me asking after my 'ill'
colleague from yesterday just wanted to report that he's had a full
and amazing recovery and I found him bright-eyed at the office this

After all that drama he pops in my office just before lunch, hey
Tamaku sorry to ask but I'm a little short could you give me a loan
until payday? I felt embarrassed for him especially as it's still
early in the month. His must have been a hell of a weekend but I
understand because I've been there myself years ago when I was still a
lad. And I also used to have a soft spot for this colleague before
George showed up....

Anyway we agreed on the amount and I gave him a cheque for the loan,
'Take it because I don't want to hear you've been drop kicking
grannies on the street for their money!'

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  1. A real saint you are. You will go to Heaven...after me! (-:

  2. He could still go to the grannies for additional cash you know. It's never enough.

  3. I read on this side that crime is 'worse' in Nairobi and that a spate of abductions are on the cards. Pity - such a lovely city, would hate for it to get as bad as Johannesburg...

    Keep safe rafiki.

  4. What after you knew he was lying?Boss vipi wewe?

  5. Hi Pater Nostra,

    Are we going straight to heaven? I might need some cleansing in purgatory. xxx

    Hi Shiko-Msa,

    He's a good lad really with a great future ahead if only he shuns this excessive 'lifism'. xxx

    Hi Billy,

    Now we even moved on to kidnappings, the most dangerous part of the evening is the journey to and from recreation places. And as you know waiting for the gate to open, well you are just a sitting target. The police do their best but I have a sneaking feeling they are overwhelmed. So now we rarely go out in the evenings unless absolutely necessary. xxx

  6. Hi Anon,

    I know, but he's young and the folly of youth! I hope he gets tired of the partying before it claims him just like many others before. xxx


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