Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Painful Piercing Pleasures Prick

I've been toying around for a while now with the idea of getting a
body piercing. Nothing that would be on public display like on the
face, no I couldn't pull that off. Rather I'm thinking along the lines
of a nipple ring or a bar. George says I've got to have one on each
nipple for a balanced tweaking. Don't know why but I find attractive
small bits of metal hanging off skin.

I discovered this studio in Westlands and another along Mombasa Road,
so this weekend I think I'll be getting myself pierced. I fear sharp
things, it'll be a real challenge for me. If it doesn't hurt too much
I might even extend to other regions....


  1. If you ever change your mind, you can let the holes close up.

  2. The idea that one would volunteer to be pierced by a sharp object and thereafter to wear a momento to that awful experience in the form of a ring or whatever, does not fall within the long list of things that I desire.

    I just can't fathom how anyone would find such a potentially painful experience pleasurable. And the ring itself, I can't bear to think of what would happen if it accidentally got yanked out..I just felt a cold shiver up my spine...Or maybe I'm just a coward.

  3. Tamaku,

    I got myself a tattoo recently and it was painful. ´Twas either that or a piercing and I chose to do the tattoo because we don´t want to be scandalising people with me coming for Mass donning an earring on my left ear, do we now?

    Ensure those tools and needles are hygienic and done with a professional, please. It just so happens that there are several cases of diseases and what have you being passed through negligence and unhygienic conditions.

    P.S. When they heal can we hang some nyama on those rings on your nipples?

  4. Hi Mama Shujaa,

    That's a point; imagine I wanted one like forever but I knew my mum would disapprove - I wanted it on my eyebrow (pathetic on both counts I know) Now I'll just have it anyway!! xxx

    Hi Anengiyefa,

    You're not alone. The title to this post was initially going to be 'Man in lucky escape as nipple ring gets caught in conveyor belt'...doesn't bear thinking about. xxx

  5. Hi Pater Nostra,

    You could have a piercing you-know-where only seen by you-know-who. My nipple rings will only be for tuning fm stations at night, sorry :)
    Someone told me I might need to wear a bra at night to protect the piercing, please tell me this is true?

  6. Hi there,
    My friend got his nipples pierced, and the poor jamaaa lost all sensitivity on them. I mean you can hang a chandelier on them and he would act like nothing happened. How about being brave and getting a prince albert? I heard they are all the rage if you keep them clean.

  7. Hi Anonymous,

    Interesting! But what happens if I have a prince albert and then find I've lost all sensitivity there when I want to have my prince albert?

  8. hey

    Peircings are great i have loads and will get more and dont worry your PA doesn't hurt getting done its the no sex for weeks after that stops me from getting one.

    they look and feel great. if you dont like pain dont worry it dont last long, if you do like pain dont worry you can get more.

    with love as always.

    Spyke XXX

  9. No nether region piercings.........really

  10. Tamaku, after high school, I wanted to pierce my eyebrows too! I thought it was the coolest thing!But then my big sister happened...and I didn't!Bummer!

  11. Hi Spyke,

    I'm bracing myself :(

    Hi floatilla,

    A different kind of piercing for those regions. No? xxx

    Hello Anne,

    What's stopping you from doing it now? Ama? xxxx

  12. piercings are awesome. i've had about seventeen done in my life time (nothing too scandalous though-think belly button, eyebrow, nose, tongue, ears etc)... i usually replace one with another though so people don't think i'm goth or whatever...
    go for it!
    i'm thinking of getting my nipple done as welll. just one though. i heard it's paifull as f*! lemmi know how it goes...

  13. Hi kahawaMoto,

    I got it done on Sato, it hurt but not as much as I expected. When I got home later in the aftie it hurt more so I took 2 panadol extra and also put some icecubes, the nipple itself just went PING - attention!. It'll be a while for everything to settle down but today was cool though in the evening it's starting to become a problem...:( xxx


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