Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wipe away the tears

Time to Bloom

This garden was forsaken long ago
Abandoned, it became overgrown.
Once alive with vibrant colour
Now dominated by nettle and thorn.

In the midst of choking weeds
A single rose stood unattended.
Fighting to feel the heat and light
Of the Sun, as nature intended.

A storm did come to pass that way
Which left the garden breached.
The torrent of rain swept the brambles away
The rose was finally unleashed.

Free to flourish and grow at last
To feel warmth upon stems and bud.
To extend roots far and wide
To open up its petals again as it should.

© Kathryn Rutherford (published here with permission)


  1. Beautiful poem but sort of sad in a way. Are you going through a hard time or have you just been freed of some baggage?

  2. I agree with Mystic a peom? shouldnt you be reading this privately to George?Hey we miss your saucy remarks so andika tena.

  3. Hi Mystic,

    Yeah sad but looking to a brighter future - sharing with someone (or anyone) who is going through a bad patch. We are cool, thanks for asking. Love ya. xxx

    Hi Anonymous,

    What's a peom? What do you agree about with Mystic because I don't understand what you mean! Lol!!! xxx x

  4. I´m a fan of roses who seek light.

    I was away. Nice to be back in my home and visiting a favorite website...abrazos.

  5. Poetry. I always tell myself I'll try poetry. This one is so beautiful Tamaku thanks.

  6. Tamaku,

    Great poem, beautiful words, strong emotions, pure sentiments.

    Loved it totally!


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