Monday, July 6, 2009

Malaria with a mild dose of Ebola

One of the guys at the office rang in sick this morning. It riles me
when colleagues who late Friday afternoon were a picture of robust
health and looking forward to a weekend of utter unbridled debauchery
involving lots of alcohol, roast meat and the lovely ladies of Nakuru
suddenly develop 'malaria' on Monday morning. Always malaria.

And what's with the spluttering, sniffling and the low growl that
says, 'I'm knocking on death's door and may not even make it past
lunchtime' when they call. Do me a favour please and speak in your
normal voice. Where they really trip up is at the end of the call:
'I'll just rest in bed no need to see a doctor, I'll see you
tomorrow!' Miracle.

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  1. LOL! Sorry I know it is maddening but I just can't help chuckling at the last couple sentences...

  2. Tamaku,

    Ebu stop bitching on us. We do this kila saa. Eee, you want us to come to work all hangovered and stuff and we just go around like zombies. We will sleep on our desk!

    I support those folks who call in sick.That reminds me. I should call in sick leo. Damn, it has been more than a week since I did that! LOL! ((-:

  3. Hi Mama Shujaa,

    Worst of all is when people don't get creative! I'd have more respect for the person who told me 'hey boss, my makende (sounds better than balls) are paining from too much action over the weekend, can't walk, can't think so I'll take the day off, ok'; otherwise this one-day malaria is old hat. xxx

    Hi Pater Nostra,

    Even better is to show up and then get sick at work. Throwing up over the keyboard works wonders, you'll get the rest of the week off! xxx

  4. I know! I have a collegue who is always sick Monday morning...seriously people, get creative!

  5. I also have a collegue that is always so i told her to test herself and she really did through the use of elisa kit. And she find out that she is pregnant. LOL, morning sickness!


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