Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Please tell me how many times you do it

Hello wonderful and gorgeous people! We’ve got a new poll to the left. The question is whether you think homosexuals are wired differently when it comes to frequency and quality of sexual episodes. Are they getting about the same amount of sex as heterosexuals or are they just insatiable, bed-hopping sex fiends? Please vote; it’s only open for 7 days. Asante. Thanks. Gracias. Takk. Danke. Tack.


  1. Tamaku,

    You should have given an optional answer to the poll as 'Ain't Getting Any' or if you like, 'Kaa Ngumu na Gumo!' LOL!

    There are some of us (read me) who are, and please laugh at the thought, celibate! Celibate. Hahaha.

  2. Hey Pater Nostra,

    Great suggestion! I'll remember it when I do my next poll which shall be 'Do you think celibate priests need to be milked at least once a month?' Lol! xxxx

  3. Tamaku,

    LMAO! Eee, nangojea hiyo poll kwa hamu na ghamu. Kwanza nangoja Max aisome ndio ajue vile huyu kijana wa Yatta anafeel. Ananiua jamani.

  4. PN (hope you don't mind?)

    I used to love going to Matuu in Yatta years ago especially during market days (I think tues or wed and saturdays). It's a great place! And some nights I spent at that lodging called umisyo wa aka - can never forget those days. xxx


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