Wednesday, July 1, 2009

MJ the Legend

I'm having a thriller of a day here after a bad start. Flew to
Mombasa in victory and swished through the terminal like a smooth
criminal into a taxi. The driver looked at the man in the mirror and
thought he looks off the wall. He shook his head thinking you can't
blame it on the sunshine, moonlight or good times - blame it on the
boogie or human nature. Later tonight when I'm horny and George says
no don't wanna be startin something, I'll just have to beat it while
thinking of a Billie Jean in bed with a Dirty Diana.

I remember the time with that Liberian Girl telling me don't stop till
you get enough and I asked her can you feel it, can you feel it. Back
then it was as easy as abc and clear as black or white to rock with
you because I was still a pretty young thing...

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  1. This post is so full of WIN. You're Bad Tamaku! ( in the best possible way) :)

  2. Really well written, and clever as hell! Well done!

  3. I like this, just reading it made me feel like i want to moon walk...realy good.

  4. Hi guyz,

    Thanks, I just can't stop loving you...



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