Saturday, July 18, 2009

The bald, the beautiful and dreams of Eric Wainaina in lycra shorts

Tyrese Pictures, Images and Photos Trousers nearly dropping

Michael Jordan Pictures, Images and Photos Looks like someone is getting ready to shoot

I find black bald men sizzling hot. If they are tall and dark then that’s the cherry on top. Don’t like them too muscley though; yes, there is something like too muscley and when a man’s biceps are larger than his thighs you know the tradeoff will be a small weenie. And you want me to do what with that?

Choose between Michael Jordan and Tyrese? What kind of mean question is that? I’ll take them both, unwrapped please. Don’t know why but I don’t feel the popular dreadlocked look, am I missing something. Unless it’s Eric Wainaina, without the wife (three's a crowd), in a pair of tight lycra shorts serenading me on a hot air balloon above Chania Falls. Only then, sawa sawa. And we’ll use George’s handcuffs just to stop me from falling overboard because I’ll be so giddy with anticipation. Sticks and stones may break my bones but whips and chains excite me.

By the way check out the baldness calculator see when your guy will have a clean pate.


  1. Well dear, a small weenie is easier to deal with as far as I'm concerned.. Baldness is sexy, but dreadlocks are a no no!

  2. Yaani...wewe?! LOL! Yaani ROFL! Too much ninatabasamu juu chini! weekend njema.


  3. Oh and BTW what do you think of Beyonce's new one, Big Ego? Lakini Jay-Z must be reporting if she's singing about it; and then she is reporting, must be a prob.

  4. Hey Anengiyefa,

    I hear you, hope I didn't come across as a size queen. Far from it! I guess the dreadlocks thing is about fashion, I much prefer the hardcore dreads like the mau mau had from years of living in the forest. xxx

    Hi Mama Shujaa,

    Big Ego and Beyonce/Jay-Z? I'm hearing it from you! I'm still in the 80's my dear!!! I'll go check it out. I absolutely love Beyonce as Destiny's Child but then I switch off when it's Beyonce being solo artiste, weird or what?! xxx

  5. OMG! I too have a thing for the bald brotha - my friends can't understand it (I have a full head of hair, to complicate this even further...) Throw in Tyson Beckford into your two examples and child, I'm in heaven!

  6. Hi Anonymous,

    Lol! You don't want too many friends to understand - they'll be fewer in the pot to go round. Tyson Beckford is TOO much candy, my dentist would not approve! Wooooaahh!! xxx

  7. We're gay! We're bald! Get used to it!


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