Sunday, July 12, 2009

Healthy teeth stop Kenyan teens from catching more strokes and an STI

No, I haven’t started blogging about heart disease or cholesterol rates in the young. ‘Catching strokes’ is a euphemism used in Kenya by young people for having sex. Undeniably teenagers are engaging in this reckless sexual activity (shortened sometimes for ‘strokos’) earlier with high rates of teenage pregnancies and many catching also STIs including HIV.

On Sunday we watched ‘Teeth’ a movie about a teenage girl who suffers from vagina dentata or in layman terms toothed vagina! In the movie the girl’s victims are the young males who attempt to force her to engage in stroke-catching (eeeew, surely only a pervert would conjure up such a term?) whereupon the teeth down there proceed to chew up the guy’s penis in castration (all together now in soprano, please: ‘Ouch, Ouch’).

Perhaps a lesson some of our stroke-catchers need to learn. By the way is there an equivalent for gay men? I haven’t come across ‘butt dentatain any of my escapades.


  1. You not only got an actual 'laugh out loud', but also a standing ovation. It was one clap, but based on my immediate surroundings, it represents thousands.

  2. sounds more like catching bites rather than catching And by the way, the term catching strokes has been there for a while now, it aint new at all.

  3. Hi Mwistar,

    Hey thanks for that! Have a great week ahead. xxx

    Hi Mystic,

    Absolutely.I remember back in the day 'when I were a lad' (lol!) we used to say 'catching pints' and even used this particular term for sex as sport but the curiosity kicks in now when I hear today's youth say it, seems not much changes. Take care, lovely week. xxx

  4. Reminds me of that South African anti-rape thingy. The image looks menacing. Real real menacing. Like they belong in a horror sci-fi movie.

  5. Tamaku and the rest of his/her handbag lassies,

    I think, after reading the above, that the boat sailed and left without me. )-:

    Sijanyita kindu vau. Asisi!

  6. Was the film just 'fun' or is it supposed to be one of those films that scares people and attempts to put them off sex? As for the anti rape devices, sounds like they could easily be misused on people not guilty of rape, too.

  7. I remember seeing the Trailer online for this movie. It scared the Hell out of me.

  8. Hey Shiko-Msa,

    Rape is a heinous crime, perhaps this a fitting punishment? xxx

    Hi Rox,

    I doubt many men wish for a 'lolly' from the wife or gf after they watch this: 'Hapana mama Junior, leo sitaki hiyo bj!!!' xxx

    Hi Pater Nostra,

    Ati umewaita wageni wangu nini? Chill tu, mabasi zinaondaka utaachwa kwa stage...end of swa attempt...hey your celibacy vows will take of you, no need to have sleepless nights wondering who might munch away the

  9. Hi Simon,

    The film was just for 'fun' with an underlying message on the challenges faced by young people who wish to abstain from sex until marriage. xxx x

    Hi Grinder,

    I was watching it with my bf who squirmed every time a dick was chopped off. xxx x

  10. Ouch...! I don't get people who do this whole castrating business. Reminds me of a movie where this guy's junk was cut off with scissors and eaten by dogs! Why? They should have cut off his finger or something!
    @ tamaku, wait... kwani people stopped saying 'catch a pint!'

  11. Good morning kahawaMoto,

    (Make mine black, strong with 2 sugars please! lol!) Anyway I don't support castration, my views on the issue are governments should never inflict cruel or unusual punishments. Have a great day. xxx

  12. PS kahawaMoto,

    We still say 'catching pints'. I've just stopping saying it as I've grown older, also I recently stopped kamataing. xx


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