Monday, March 30, 2009

Catholics, please help me out on this one

I am a little confused but more than a little angry. So the Pope says that distributing condoms will only exacerbate the crisis with Aids. I also appreciate and understand every one’s private choice when it comes to matters of sex. So how in God’s name does the Holy Father come to use his privileged reach to millions of Africans to spread a dubious interpretation on the science of condom use? I find it shocking that these views are putting at risk the work carried out painstakingly by medical professionals in the remotest clinics and the millions of shillings spent in the poorest of countries. No one is saying that condoms are the only weapon against transmission of HIV, but the facts are there that they are highly effective. I find it especially unpalatable to hear these opinions from those who have voluntarily taken vows of celibacy.

Please dear Catholics how do these views sit with your faith? Am I missing something here?


  1. I am Anglican, Anglo Catholic, so that prabably doesn´t count...but some of my closeones are Romans and they ignore the current Pope as they think he is obsessed with sexuality (terrorfied because of the Church history of priests doing *other* things than remaining celibate) and doesn´t offer true ¨pastoral¨ leadership (at all)...he blew it in this Hemisphere with his nonsense and excommunications in Brazil (where he had a potentially huge personal following)...frankly, I think the poor old man is mean, baffled and misguided (read sucked up to by those who would say anything to please him and may have a eye on his job).

  2. Hi Leonardo,

    I was brought up as a 'good' Catholic boy but started to question much about the Church once I reached adulthood. I find this obsession with sexuality unsettling, is it any wonder that many priests have been found to have been ministering to a different doctrine? What has been revealed, in my view, is only the tip of the iceberg given that many victims are restrained due to cultural and other stigma from coming forward. More so in places like Africa where there still remains a passive and servitude following in all matters of religion. x

  3. I have been/and am friends with Roman Catholic Priests...they have been both Gay and Heterosexual and been mostly celibate...I have noticed that when it comes down to the ¨politics¨ at Church (and the authorities at Church, both before and now) they play a great game of ¨pretend¨ and ¨yes sir¨ (and then do/preach/whisper/aside exactly what they want regarding their more open minded opinions on things like using condoms/etc)...naturally they are careful not to get their collars yanked. I think the Roman Catholic Church has a opportunity, as does the Anglican and others, to CHANGE the fear and hate/abominating directed towards LGBT people and stop the hate far, they are afraid of themselves and what Muslims may ¨think¨ about them and assorted other taboos...cowards often ¨sell one out¨ at the foot of the cross...nothing new, not really...I certainly don´t pay much attention to The Archbishop of Canterbury as I find him a very weak moral leader and I have almost no respect for the current Pope as he overlooks the sexual orientation, celibate mostly, of over 40% of his clergy! The man is insulting and selectively enlightened regarding matters of Faith!

  4. I'll be totally honest: I have nothing much to contribute as I don't understand organised religion or Tom Cruise (not that the two are mutually exclusive).

    I suspect that the Pope is trying to reassert whatever diminishing influence he has and where better to do it than in Africa and South America where the flock still pay him homage. Poor guy.

  5. Hi Tamaku,

    I agree. Catholic teachings on sex and protection are deeply disturbing to me as they seem to promote fatality. Here is something which could protect and save lives, but it is opposed because it supposedly promotes sex outside marriage (I don’t get that). The teaching of abstinence is well and good, in fact it’s fantastic but it does not have to exclude the teachings on safe sex. the fact is there are people having sex and refusing to address these people, or refusing to help them by telling them to protect themselves, is almost negligent . It makes no sense. It doesn’t mean you are telling them to have sex. It just means that you want to protect people from death. That’s why the ABC's of protection against HIV remain. Abstinence comes first but it’s not practiced nor can it be practiced by all people. Love should come first. If you love others you will not want them to die neither will you tell them it’s either abstain or die from AIDs. It makes no sense to me.

  6. The Pope was actually right and I applaud him for standing up in these times when everyone is going with the wind. We should thank the Pope for telling us the obvious, condoms cannot and will never significantly reduce HIV/AIDS. Uganda proved that celibacy is a viable and better option(duh). Let the remaining Christians stand up for morality and not fornication and adultery. Don't be cowed by the lovers of sin Pope Benedict.

  7. I am not a Catholic but I beg to disagree with the Pope.If only I had made proper use of the Condoms,I may not be in the fix that I am in.

    I need not comment further!At the end of the day,it comes down to a choice of an individual.Have unprotected sex at your own peril.

  8. Hi Kenyaluv,

    The Ugandan success story can trace it's irrevocable origins to ABC. It was this three-pronged approach that was crucial to reductions in HIV transmission rates. x

  9. read somewhere "did you expect any less from a seventy year old virgin"

  10. Hi WildeY,

    Exactly, I fail to spot that all-important compassion. x

    Hi M,

    You have said it and I'm sure many others would be spared with proper condom use. Your courage may teach others an important lesson. Thank you so much for commenting. x

    Hi mwendwa,

    The Pope's message is on a hiding to nothing. Where is the Church without the flock? x

  11. Hi Anon,

    I can't comment on celibacy. It's a personal choice that I respect even though I might not agree with it. x

  12. kenyaluv, we are not disputing abstinence, but get back to the real world, not everyone is abstaining, does that mean they should expose themselves to huge risks. condoms are highly effective against transmitting HIV and STD's and unwanted pregnancies.

    Tamaku , what disturbs me most though is married people. when one partner is being faithful and the other unfaithful, they risk being infected. and you cannot insist on condoms when married. its so sad. thats why condoms are importnat. that way for people who stray( and they do), they need to use condoms, to protect their spouses.

  13. Tamaku,

    My beau, Max, text me and asked whether I had seen your post which is this one. But I had no internet access since that material day. It didn't surprise me that you had this article on the Pope's comments.

    If I may, I will post something on my blog about the condom issue and perhaps clarify what the Pope said.

    There is much that needs to be known.

  14. Hi Pater Nostra,

    I look forward to reading about the condom issue. I need to understand as I may be naive about certain issues. Thanks. x

  15. I think what the pope was getting at was that Condoms only deal with the symptom of the problem, and that individual behaviour change is a key point of dealing with the problem itself.

  16. Hi Sanaa,

    Should the behavioural change then not encompass condom use as well? Is sex the 'problem' or the lack of protection? I found an interesting view here. x

  17. Tamaku,

    His comments were very irresponsible. He has no idea what he is talking about, and it pissed me off when I heard it too.

  18. Hi Anon,

    It pissed many off and others too,including Catholics! These people are so out of touch, it's unreal. Thanks for stopping by. xx

  19. Hi all,
    Am a catholic priest and discreet tho am gay. Would love to meet a fellow catholic priest in kenya feeling the same so we see wat to do abt our life.



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