Friday, July 3, 2009

Sex, Wimbledon and lesbians

My pal Rita and I were talking about Serena (is she the Manly One?)
and Venus (is she the Godly One?) and I started wondering which one
scores highest in the lesbian fantasy neon-pink hot stakes. Blame
nature because straight men think about SEX every 3 minutes and last
just as long; gay men every time they listen to Evita, have a hot
chocolate or see a magazine ad for davidoff coolwater and lesbians
every time they are in the kitchen chopping up vegetables. FACTS.

Anyway, I know many men at my gym would give their right arm for
physiques such as the Williams sisters have. Rita tells me that she
like millions of other lesbians around the globe can't decide who
she'll support in the final tomorrow at Wimbledon - she'd also have
both sisters in bed with her for a different kind of game, no balls
thank you. Kinky.

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  1. Tamaku hao wapenda mikwaju tena ya kikweli.I will be routing for Venus she is more radyrike

  2. Hi Anon

    Ha ha!! Of course you mean the sisters prefer big rackets to play with...don't we all....enjoy the game wherever you are. xxx

  3. Hmm i'd take serena for a ride she wouldn't forget anytime soon ... btw where'd u unearth e fact on lesbians and vegetables

  4. Hey Ty,

    I'm sure many would love to watch that sesh! Lesbians and vegetables is one of those 'fucks' I have inside my head, not a researched fact...xxxx

  5. And what kind of veg get's a lesbian excited? Surely not a carrot or cucumber...

  6. Hi Billy

    I was thinking more like courgettes...(I have dug a hole for myself, keeps getting bigger). Please lesbians don't hurt me....

  7. Tamaku I'd love to open up your head and see what other lurid ideas are lurking in there. hehehe.

  8. Shiko-Msa,

    It depends on the time of day! xxx


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