Monday, July 20, 2009

Not A Bed of Roses

HIV continues to wreak havoc in Sub-Saharan Africa more than in any other region of the world and it appears African males who have sex with men are particularly affected.

10 times higher HIV rates than in general male population according to a recent report.

For more on HIV check out Simon's blog on the situation in Kenya.


  1. Its unfortunate that HIV prevention programmes in most Sub-Saharan African countries are still geared only towards the heterosexual majority. Until recently, quite a few gay men in many countries even believed that the virus was transmitted only via heteroexual sex. MSMs will have rampant unprotected sex with their male partners and because they sleep with only one woman (perhaps their wife), they believe that all is well.

    This is a very opportunistic virus that exploits every single chance its given and the rectum with its profusion of capillaries, together with its liability to rupture is perhaps the single most probable possible point of infection.

    Btw, the link to Simon's blog isn't working.

  2. Hi Anengiyefa,

    Thanks for laying it bare as it really is. The only thing I can add is for the benefit of gay & MSM Nairobians and Kenyans. Incase they don't know they can access health services geared to MSM (men who have sex with men) from Liverpool VCT in Nairobi. I have been there myself and the service is superb.

    Thanks buddy (also thanx for letting me know about the link to Simon's blog which I put right).


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