Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Shops in Nairobi now stocking better mattresses for gay men

We needed a new mattress for our bed a month or so ago so George and I went shopping. It’s one of those things that could have turned out awkward at the shop for two men trying out a mattress together but I was pleasantly surprised at how things turned out.

The furniture shop was on Mombasa Road where a friendly young guy named Patrick showed us what we were after. He said casually to George, ‘Boss, this will be great for you and your woman’ as his hands pressed down a heavily quilted orthopaedic number. George sat down on one side of the mattress and I followed him rolling from the other side when he dropped the bombshell on the assistant, ‘No, it’s for us!’ And it came as an equal shock to me too the confident way George said it. What struck me even more was that Patrick clearly understood that we were a homosexual couple. He looked at both of us briefly still smiling warmly and nodding then recovered quickly to say, ‘Come let me show you one which is stronger and better if it’s for you two guys to sleep on!!!' Then, 'Hakuna shida' (no problems) followed by a wholly appropriate wink! You could have knocked me down with a feather! For once a stranger who is cool with gays. Wonders never cease in this Nairobi.

It turned out to be a delightful Saturday shopping trip for us. Patrick’s smile and service were indeed exceptional. We ended up getting also a pair of cushions and an exquisite Jali Indian bookcase that I instantly fell in love with for the lounge. George and I both felt special being treated with respect and dignity and not having to lie about who we are to each other, just like any other ordinary couple. Finally we paid for our goods and the shop even threw in free delivery which was very nice. We thanked Patrick for his help and happily left him a handsome tip as we left the shop.

Seems like when you’re paying no one is going to be too bothered, everyone, even gays are welcome with open arms in most places. And charming, chilled guys like Patrick are what make life taste that little bit sweeter.


  1. That is awesome. At least it goes to show there is still hope for humanity in this evil world. Congrats on the new matress!

  2. Tamaku wewe na George wako never fail to amaze me.Well dont be surprised pengine patrick naye yumo tuko wengi

  3. Like my work mate says, ambia George nimemrank!

  4. Hi Mystic,

    The new mattress is very comfie, but there was not much wrong with the old one - G just felt like a change but we are good recyclers so it found a new home with one of Imelda's relatives. By the way one thing true of Nairobi when it comes to business people don't care whether you are green or have two heads, we are pure capitalists and only want your money which is as it should be. xxx

    Hi Anonymous,

    Patrick hakushow signs, nilimsalimia na ile 'special' gay greeting lakini hakurespond ;(

    Hey Anne,

    Amesema pia wewe amekurank! xxxx

  5. Tamaku,

    I pity the new mattress. Nyinyi na kulungula kwenu na George mtaiharibu jamani.

    About the old one, can you donate it? (-:

  6. Eh Pater ebu nikuelimishe,

    Mattressi haitumiki kwa kizo ngoma (read with pwani accent). Sisi twafanyia kwenye sakafu, baba! Mattressi yatumika kwa starehe (mwasema 'chilling' kwa kimombo!) Hiyo nzee tushawapelekea familia wake Imelda - unchelewa!! xxx

  7. Hi T - long time no see!

    My experience in Kenya, travelling with Dawie was awesome, and we never experienced any 'funny looks' or strangeness. Even when we asked for a double instead of a twin at a few hotels in the country... Kenyans are just such wonderful people - but I've said that before...

  8. ... the things I take for granted as a heterosexual. Very interesting.

    By the way, I had to laugh at how Patrick decided to show you a 'stronger' mattress.

  9. Hi Billy,

    Nice to see you around! I know you've said it before about wonderful Kenyans but we never tire to hear of it, as you know being one of us. xxxx

    Hey Mwistar,

    True that. (I like the way you've sneaked that one in, you can't be too careful these days. Some of us homosexuals can start vibing you, katiaring without knowing!!! lol!) xxx

  10. @Tamaku ebu tuelimishe on hizo gay greetings...i am a total green horn in that area...give me the 101 on such greetings

  11. Hi GYK,

    The gay greeting is a well-guarded secret, if I tell you I'll have to kill you ;(
    It's handed down in time-honored tradition, wait for the tap on the shoulder....xxx

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  13. Hey Tamaku, i would just like to say i really enjoy the blogs you write and i wish you all the best this life has to offer. Say hi to George and Imelda.

  14. Useless!Gays will burn in hell...accept it now or while you burn!


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