Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Secretly living with my man

Sheila remarked the other day at work that I appear suspiciously happy. I privately took her accusation as a compliment to my new life with George but lied to her smiling sweetly 'it’s the way I’ve always been', and then made a point to be rude to her at least twice that day. I know women have a sixth sense that's sharper than a serpent’s tooth. I still can’t let people get too close as my secret has now become bigger and more expensive.

My gay life is going very well at the moment, thanks for asking. George returned back to work on Monday. He leaves the compound at the ungodly hour of 6:15 to hitch a lift from the security company’s van that patrols our estate to the main road; I find it odd when he gets out of bed one hour before I do to get ready for the day. Strange how quickly the habit of a lover’s warm embrace is easily formed; it’s as if we always lived together. I think he’s also fallen in love with Imelda, my keeper of secrets and a house. Lying in bed I jealously strain to hear the pair of them laughing and talking in the dining room downstairs as George has his breakfast. Imelda told me the house now feels alive with good spirits.

I caught my reflection in the glass doors to the building where I work, a noticeable lightness to my step; surely life before George was so predictable. It’s wonderful to have someone to think about and care for; we share at least three telephone calls during the day to plan with George what to have for dinner and which movie to watch. I’m the guy singing in the car and merrily letting you go through amidst the chaotic Nairobi traffic! Life can be so sweet indeed; take my word for it also on the undivulgable details. Nothing beats going home to a man that you love and who loves you back.


  1. And undoubtable the loving part has, benefits, befitting a king you Dirty Dog.

    God im so JEALOUS.

    Spyke X

  2. Hi Spyke,

    That wasn't the intention! lol...however shall we just say that royalty reigns in parts of Kenya. Long live King George! x

  3. Happiness comes from enjoying the small daily things of life ~ Author Unknown.

    The small ~daily ~things of life;such as a hug,a kiss,a cuddle,a call,a smile,a hearty laughter all with someone who loves you.

    Is n`t it amazing how LOVE changes our outlook and life?

    All I can say is,seek out for those tit bits that keeps the fire of love burning.

    You truly are lucky

  4. Hi M,

    It's bittersweet for me as I now know what I've been missing. Making up for lost time.


  5. I returned from Florida to Central America last night...guess who was waiting for me at the aeropuerto? Yep, you´re right, the Maya equivalent of King George...nice to know that we are both being treated ¨royally¨ on both side of the Atlantic!

    FELICIDADES and Happy Everything,

    Leonardo Ricardo

  6. Hi Leonardo,

    I'm envious of all the airmiles you are accumulating! And all the best to the 'royal' household too..

    Cheers buddy. x

  7. Gay Kenyan,

    I am envious of the good tidings coming your way in the form of George.

    I suggest to take things easy-time is a wonderful indicator only if we let it.

    I wish you best of luck in your relationships and enjoy each other.

    Its a great inject to many to know that you can find love and live it with someone you love.

    I find impetus to give much in my relationship and find fulfillment and happiness with my boyfriend. I am looking forward to spending my life with him.

    All the best in every way.

    Pater Nostra

  8. A teary me is typing out this.
    Ain't love just wonderful?


  9. Hi Pater Nostra,

    Taking it easy is the way forward for us, just sad that we have to do it secretly. Thanks for the wishes.


    Hi Wallace,

    I agree, why should gay people be denied this wonderful feeling? x

  10. seriously rooting for the two of you to work out... seems like you're happy, enjoy it, revel in it, love the moment...

  11. Hi longlost2008,

    Thanks, and hope you are doing the same too!


  12. Wow! That's all I can say. I still have this long distance relationship hanging over my head and I so wish to have what you have right now.

  13. Hi Mystic,

    Thanks for passing by. If you believe the one you have is the right person for you then you'll get there together; it's not easy but it can be done. I wish you all the best. x

  14. Have you ever thought that maybe gays are not born that way? I'm far from homophobic and even have gay friends but I've noticed similarities in their backgrounds that makes me think there is more than meets the eye. On one extreme, there are extremist homophobic people who think gays "choose" to be gay but thats obviously dumb coz who would choose to be an outcast. On the flipside though, there are the gay rights extremists who say they were born that way yet do not provide any conclusive proof. From my middle-ground objective evaluation, I've noticed three similarities in gay men. (1) Many grew up fatherless thats why (and I hate to say this) most gay Kenyans are Kikuyu because a great number of Kikuyu women are single moms (do your research before you make a retort). (2) Many have been to jail (3) Many were sodomized, mostly at home, by neighbours or in boarding school. This is not just a figment of my imagination, I've noticed this even in the African American community. Its very hard to find a man who was brought up by a mother and loving father, was never sodomized and has never been to jail and find that he is gay. Even look at major celebrities eg George Michael, Elton John, Luther Vandross, etc. Almost all fit into one of the 3 categories. As for women, most have been raped. There is an obvious cause- effect relationship here that gay activists refuse to acknowledge.
    And another thing that baffles me is why there are more gay men than lesbians. If its really all bout genetics, why the discrepancy? Shouldn't there be an almost equal number of gay men and women of its purely biological?
    Please respond to my assertions in a clear headed manner as I would love to engage in constructive debate. Cheers.

  15. this comment is a year late but needs to be shared anyway. just came across this post and i love it and the wonderful love that you share! best to you and yours. m


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