Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tamaku the biatch!

Thanks to Ty, Leonardo, Shiko-Msa, Anonymous, sid kachumbari and last but not least Mama for entering the caption contest. All six are joint worthy winners. I was well entertained reading all their comments. May I also add that they distinguished themselves as true friends whom I know I can count on, unlike some other people who sit on the fence and refuse to participate even after I went on my knees begging. So dear contestants best-friends you are all on my Christmas card list. Some people were nearly deleted…..

Hey, just felt like bitching, lol! Hope no one takes my rant seriously though (big mistake!) and that we all kiss and make up (we can do tongue if you like and I promise not to bite). Anyway I love all you guys. I’ll get that photo of myself sorted out soon. Soon. I’m still looking for suitable props so if anyone can match Jim Carrey’s make-up in Mask please let me know.

Have a lovely week ahead. Mwaah..mwaaah!


  1. I'm in the depth of Anglosaxonville in Oregon...everytime I see a African Aerican I want to run up and hug them and chat about Obama...I've restrained myself as I'm not certain my big abrazos would be appropriate...I do smile big...that seems to be working.

    I guess I'll have to take my African hugging out on all of you!

    Thanks for this site, I think we're friends too.


    Leonardo Ricardo

  2. Oh dear, we are so scared we're shaking!!!..... Have a lovely week as well Tamaku

  3. Rox to the hand! Lol...
    Thx dear. xxxx

  4. Who you calling bitch, BIYATCH?!!! I am so pulling that weave off your tiny head and nailing off that cheap skanky make up you call a face!


    Woishe, niliksa kitu cha kutuma na pia nimekuwa busy sana na jobo such that sijapata muda wa mtandao. Promise to amke it up to you..somehow.

    We cool? Good. So remember me this Christmas. ((-:

  5. As for you Mr P Nostra, talk to the bootay coz the hand is off-duty!

    Of course I'm just messing with you, lol! xxxx

  6. Hey Biatch, I tried commenting jana but google was messed up most of the day where am at and couldnt load the verification thingy.

    Photo. Pnoto.

  7. Shiko-Msa,

    Er.....remind are?

    lol! ha's coming, soon. xxx

  8. Am glad i could help, I love your blog and thats the least i could do.

  9. Hi Anon,

    That's lovely, thanks for stopping by on my journey. xxxx


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