Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Not tonight honey, I've got a headache/toothache/pain-in-the-ass

...to which the standard response should be, 'why don't you take some
painkillers. Wait let me fetch you a glass of water'.

So I was lying in bed last night thinking which is the best sounding language to say 'no I'm not in the mood' nicely. I think Swahili 'sitaki' is a little too harsh. Same for English 'NO'. That small word is so final it might put someone off you for a long time. I think 'nyet' (Russian) has a nice ring to it. Like I'm not in the mood today so please don't even touch me just go to sleep, yet. It's a no with a maybe. The hope to keep the fires burning until the other party just falls asleep...

Of course you could just elbow them or kick out!


  1. Oh well lets put it this way, there are just those days. I use beating about the bush tactics, that way I am saying no without saying no.

  2. You could use 'nie nou nie' - it means not now, but maybe later...

  3. seems HIV prevalence amongst ass lickers scared the shit out of your ass (te he he heee how poetic). sorry matako..sorry again Tamako but you need to get a HIV test. Drag George along and pray for the best.

  4. Hi Mystic

    Gay men use different channels, allegedly! Lol! I've heard of 'sorry I think I had a dodgy pizza!'. Uh? xxx

    Hi Billy

    I likey...vague is fun. xxx

  5. Hi Taabu

    Sound advice but your delivery is wanting :(

  6. As in you, Tamaku, not in the mood? na vile huyo George wako ana-sound ni mnoma? eish...... how about honesty?

  7. Hi Rox

    Si honesty will get the person thinking they need to work harder (in vain, lol!)...as for George, he does go to great lengths to please ;)

  8. My girl used to say, 'Kababy NO!' .. haha! Sweet and sour.

  9. Eh Mwistar,

    Lol! That's a nice one! And if you turn it around 'NO Kababy!' takes on a new meaning (time for the contraceptive!!) xx

  10. My boyfriend says... 'lets sleep, when I wake up, I will be nice and warm'....and since he never its not often... I usually agree.

    You may wonder what I say when am not in the mood.. WAIT I have never not been in the mood!

  11. Why are we going to great lengths to get a euphemism for 'no'? In my world, a polite 'no' works just as fine - I don't want to make any stories. God knows by the time I'm saying 'no', I don't even want any other conversation (normally because I've had a long day at the office) about anything else, let alone justifying my total lack of interest in sex at the time...

    Though after saying 'no' I quickly follow it up with an offer to spoon instead ;-)


  12. Hi GNM,

    'WAIT I have never not been in the mood!' - lol!
    Many would wish to always be in the mood. Nice day. xxx

    Hi W,

    Yeah, there are those days too but I guess it's compromise that wins the day. Cheers. xxx


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