Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Making him sleep like a baby

Thank you dear God for such a beautiful morning. I opened my eyes
still lying in bed to catch my George looking at me as he got ready
for work. I smiled weakly at him to say a silent 'Good morning.'

After he finished dressing he came over and sat on the bed, looked
deep into my sleepy eyes and whispered softly, 'Tamaku, I love you
even more when I watch you sleeping like a baby.'


  1. Rox, how could you beat me to it! aaawww too!

  2. That is so sweet...we envy you alot @Tamaku....such love comes by for some of us

  3. Hi Rox

    Underneath I'm just a bundle of fluff! xxx

    Hi Anne

    Didn't know you liked the mushy stuff (;

    Hi GYK

    I never take anything for granted though. xxx

  4. Tamaku,

    I am suspecting you might have bugged Max's room. How else did you exactly know that what George said is weirdly similar to what I told Max? Ehe?

    How did you know about it? Unless of course, you, yes you, are him! Hmmmmm. Surprise! Surprise!

    Nangoja jibu Bibi.

  5. Hey Pater Nostra,

    I confess, I confess! I bugged your room because I needed independent verification on the existence of cockzilla. Nilieka cctv na microphone inside the Bible on the bedside because I know you Catholics don't read King James Version. So I heard and saw EVERYTHING that was going on when you guys were catching strokes like rabbits with the lights on like it's Christmas. If you pay me some mbeca I'll not tell about 'cockzilla' who is really chipolata....x x x x x x (For what I've recorded on disc you get 6 smooches which is the highest I've bestowed yet!!)


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