Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Talking about Vaseline and burns have you heard about this poor guy
who was in a fire and had to have some skin grafted from his buttocks
onto his face. Fair to say he now wipes his nose and ass at the same

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  1. Tamaku...you are crazy!

  2. i find that comment a bit heart breaking, it sounds as if you are making fan of such serious reality......walk into ward 4D of kenyatta national hospital and see peoples lives which have been destroyed by fire accidents or acid burns, some can not even close their eyes or afford a smile due to contructures and when skin grafting remains their only option you make fun about it.......how sad

  3. Hi Anne,

    We all are just the degree varies. xxx

    Hi karisden,

    I'm sorry you find the post offensive, it's not meant to make fun or ridicule anyone. The way I see it, it's a play on words rather than laughing at the actual situation. You might 'hear' it as making fun but irony does that many times without malice. I hope you can accept my explanation; if you want to discuss further please drop me an email. Cheers buddy. xxx

  4. @Karisden
    Tamaku is good people; kind, caring and with a lot of empathy. This is just a'hypothetical-in-the-air' joke a.k.a 'mchongwano'(roasting. Kindly do not take it literally.

  5. Aaaw KR that's so kind! I don't like to hurt anyone especially a stranger. Thanks for that, it's simple but touching beyond words. xxxx


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