Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stop this nonsense

It's distressing to see those pictures alleging to show Fr Kizito and
another, in nude sexually explicit poses.

This is trial by media, please consider for one moment there's no
justification to publish the pictures other than to vilify and

What happened to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty?

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  1. Finally, I admit that Fr. Kizito is innocent. I will send you the proof via e-mail.

  2. Hmm,,,those pics look so damning. Photoshop and all these pple are heading straight for his jagular. And if there is a conspiracy aganist the Father. He better put on some armour, it seems the other party is prepared for war!

  3. Where can I see the photos, just for curiosity's sake.

    I agree that the media have condemned already found him guilty.

  4. Fr. Kizito (pains me to use the title) may be innocent. But sodomy is still guilty. This is a problem.

  5. Hi Pater Nostra, Anon, Savvy, Keguro,

    I am not questioning the man's guilt; that's for the police to investigate and the courts to determine. What would be the basis of leaking the pictures other than to try him in the court of public opinion.

    I take issue with the publication of the pictures which don't belong in the public arena. Would we wish to see the 'evidence' from a murder scene replete with murder weapon and victim splashed across the web? This is taking us down the slippery road to witch-hunts and blackmail. In future a blackmailer will only need to say to a gay man 'Fr Kizito' to hit pay dirt.

    I have personal and professional experience of the power of the media. Much of what is printed in some newspapers is cooked (spiced), it's almost as if Kenyan minds lack the maturity and discpline to engage purely on facts. We need fancy text and colour pictures to digest what we read.

    (Savvy, I trust by now you've found the pictures.)

    (Keguro, I note the '..sodomy is still guilty. This is a problem.' Yes, this is the problem.)

    Let us wait to see how this plays out.

  6. I got the pics and really wondered why anyone would send them to me ... and on my job email no less! Looking at them, I hoped that KTN had more evidence than that to drag it all out in the public arena like they did. I spare a thought for all abused children of the world today.


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