Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I've had a face transplant!

So what do you think? Better than before? Or worse than before?

Have a lovely day folks... x


  1. I like it! I need the name of your interior decorator. :)

  2. Nice and brighter. Tamaku I was looking for your face!

  3. a little ehh' could do better

  4. Tamaku,

    I also changed my profile pic to a saintly one. Yes, the look's good. Its high time all the other kuchu bloggers followed suit. Change is inevitable!

  5. Like SM you had me looking for your face...shock on me.

    I'd say great!

  6. Hey,

    Thanks y'all! Looks like an emphatic yes, thanks for all your comments. *group hug* xxxx

  7. straightarrow2009June 10, 2009 at 8:09 PM

    The goth in me is screaming "HOW DARE HE BRIGHTEN UP THE SITE... OH MY EYES" but its okay...:-)

  8. Hi straightarrow2009,

    Sorry was forced to change. I'm getting on in years, my eyesight ain't what it used to be. Unless you can come here and read/type for me sitting on my!Jeez, that sounds so creepy when I've read it back. I'm only kidding. Love ya. xxxxx

  9. Frankly, this is a little professional for my tastes...but, I´m sort of a action painting type...come on, throw some color´s a little dentist office looking in gives me scary thoughts of pending novacaine shots.

    But, it IS very smart and tailored...a Sak´s Fifth Avenue/Africa blog.


  10. lol i was is the pic? Is this some kind of inside-joke/surgical-breakthrough? lol

    i'm new (clearly). nice look. very neutral..doesn't say gay, though

  11. Hi Naijadude,

    Come back often I can assure you this time next week many won't remember what I looked like before. Ta. xxx x

    Hi Leonardo,

    It's early days yet, still some tweaking to do. Salamus (greetings) from the Motherland. xxx x

    Hey Oren_Licus,

    I'm looking for some tinsel to drape down the sides to complete the 'gay look'! Thanks for stopping by. xx xx

  12. Well, am not slow but for some reason i was wondering...what tha?

    I like the look but i will echo some sentiments aired. It looks clinical but chic all the same. I love change.

  13. will take time to get used to.......but it aaaight...:)

  14. Hi floatilla,

    I need to find another 'home', this one has too many restrictions ('curfews' etc). And there doesn't seem to be many options on decor. Oh the frustrations of a queer eye! Have a lovely weekend. xx xx x

  15. Hi Mama Shujaa,

    I got bored decided to change the template. 'twas a beige/safari-suit complexion. xxx


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