Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Apple of my eye

I retired my trusty old nokia and got myself a new phone today. I'm
like a kid with a new toy! Conversation has been reduced to grunts as
I try to set up new device. Would help if I read the manual...

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  1. I know, I need one too...I never used any of the functions of the four year old one other than to say HELLO, CHAT, GOODBYE, and check messages and balance of time. It scares the Hell out of me to face the NEW ONES with all those flaps and things (but of course it will be nice to be able to hear the conversation better as my audio part seems to be dying). WHAT´S THAT YOU SAY?

  2. Hi Leonardo,

    Of course what caught my eye was the design. It's only the 8gb (in black) but it's got a lovely face and I absolutely love the quality of the display. Luv it, luv it. George says there's three in this relationship now! I say
    at least you can 'mute' the phone when you want some peace and quiet...lol!!! Take care man. xx x

  3. An Iphone odiero?But do i say Yawa!

  4. Hi gay young kenyan koro? Lol!

    We were just viewing some very nice 'things' from your blog on the new toy...lovely! You can say phone has had a bite of the forbidden fruit! Poor George, he's inconsolable and wants one like YESTERDAY, haha. Cheers fella. xx x

  5. Well, RTFM is the last thing I do. (Read the manual) - I always wing it and eventually get to a point were I have to, to figure out how it works.

    Was stuck in a q at the car wash the other day and (out of pure boredom) started reading the car's instruction manual. Lo and behold - it has some stunning features that I knew nothing about and I finally figured out what that button is for...

  6. Hi Billy,

    RTFM and I don't mix. Always try to wing it, always get caught out. lol!xx x


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