Thursday, June 4, 2009

In our midst

Recently on the radio I heard about this 32 year-old man who was caught sexually abusing his six-year old niece. It made my blood boil and the memory still does. These crimes are happening with alarming frequency as these figures from Nairobi’s Gender Violence Recovery Centre demonstrate. And those are just the reported cases! Grim stuff folks.

The phone-in had a majority of listeners in agreement that perverts and miscreants convicted of these wicked crimes should all be castrated. No discussion. End of.

What do you think?


  1. Tamaku! "What do think?!!" Yeah!!should all be castrated. No discussion. End of. There you said it.
    Did you hear what the Nyanza PC said about the police raping women?? I could have said shame on him but he apologized today. Rape is such a depressing thing, I got a friend who got raped and she has not gotten over it two years later... And yaeh it was her uncle

  2. Though horrid, everyone should be given a chance for defence. Our country has poor if any psychological support network some of those people may be lashing out for some trauma or a feeling of low self worth yet kenya's psychiatric services are wanting. That not withstanding, castrating someone comes across to me as inhumane and we should sort other ways to address the crime. That is my two cents worth.

  3. Castrating an offender of this kind will deny him the chance of rehabilitation. By no means is what he has done to be taken lightly, but castrating him will not undo the wrong that he did to the child. Two wrongs do not make a right and it is exactly for this same reason that I am opposed to the death penalty.

    What should happen is for a proper risk assessment to take place, to ascertain the level of risk or how much of a threat the individual represents to society. The risk assessment will also take into account the offender's previous criminal record and his attitude towards the offence he has been found guilty of, i.e. whether he is remorseful etc.

    On the basis of this risk assessment, it can now be decided what punishment to inflict upon him, ranging from a stiff prison sentence, to life imprisonment with hard labour without the possibility of parole, if he is found to continue to be a risk to society. Thereby ensuring that we and our children are protected from this person who will be removed from society permanently.

  4. Such a guy most certainly deserves top punishment. He sure does have some problems upstairs. But assassinating the jamaas kanolas may make him feel extremely bitter with the world. In the end he may vent his frustrations - sexual and otherwise - using other more dangerous ways. He could turn into a worse psycho. Like a sadistic serial killer who has nothing to lose. Ama vipi Tamaku?

  5. Oh, of course we also have women predators; what about them?

  6. Hi Haute Haiku,

    I feel for your friend. It's dehumanising ordeal to go through. Women report rape as being the crime they are most afraid of.

    Hi NF, Anengiyefa and Shiko-Msa,

    I don't believe in violence of which this 'remedy' is, especially that carried out by the State, hence I don't support castration. However sentencing needs to be robust and consistent if people are to buy into the system. Thanks all!

  7. good one. Castrating would not completely solve the problem (A person who does this is clearly mentally disturbed), but again what is top punishment with a justice system that does not work?


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