Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm poorly in bed

Decided to stay home today. I've been getting headaches lately and my
throat feels like it's on fire. It's ironic getting sick so soon after
stopping the booze and cigs! Doctor doesn't think it's the flu, still
a swine because so much happening at work but he says to stay in bed
and just rest.

So here I am lying in bed feeling sorry for myself. Imelda made me a
lovely pot of black tea with fresh ginger and lemon juice. George is
away at work and I just got off the phone to Sheila, the show goes on.

I also spoke to my mummy. She says I need someone to take care of me.
She wanted to come over but I said no I'll be fine. Mums are just the

Hope you're all having a better time. If anyone wants a game of
scrabble you're welcome, Imelda will show you upstairs ; )

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  1. Hi Tamaku, sorry to hear you're not well. Do get well soon.

  2. Good morning Anengiyefa,

    Thanks buddy. I've started watching a dvd of Singing in the Rain, Gene Kelly always cheered me up. Have a nice day. xx

  3. Pole sana mama. Its the shock after quitting booze and fags (Irish for cigarretes, dummy).

    Keep warm.

  4. Hey Shiko-Msa

    Asante kwa ujumbe. Siku njema. xxxx

  5. Hi Pater Nostra

    Thanks. I'm keeping warm and sucking...
    Lozenges. xxxx

  6. oh poor baby! get well soon. And watching movies does not constitute rest you are meant to be asleep deary.

  7. sending you happy healthy thoughts Tamaku... pole sana...

  8. Hi Mystic

    Thanks hun but can't fall asleep during the day.. too stimulated. Not in that way! LOL! xxxx

  9. Hi Sid

    Thanks fella. Think I'll have some kachumbari to sweat it all out! xxxx

  10. Since am thinking you are already feeling better, am late in reading this post, otherwise I could have come and visited you.

    Sound like you have quite a lady in Imelda.

  11. Pole sana, hope you are feeling better...sucking lozenges, might be better for George, than chewing garlic, even though garlic's better for you.:-)

  12. Hi savvy,

    Aaww, your heart's in the right place. Thanks sweetie.

    Imelda is oustanding in many ways, she's also studying to be an accountant. I want to see her succeed in that although I'll miss having her around when she leaves us. xxxx

    Hi Mama Shujaa,

    It's me who's sick not George! lol, I know what you mean. I love garlic and both of us don't have a problem with the smell. I think I may be anaemic, off to see the doctor shortly. Asante sana and have a lovely weekend. xxxx


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