Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I'm 5ft 7in tall (about average for Kenyan men, I think) and 70kgs on the scales. Some days I like to wear ladies tights under my suit when I come to work. In fact I'm wearing a pair of black fishnets (thigh-length with a seam down the side) now sitting here having my first cuppa, feels great.

Have a nice day y'all!


  1. Tamaku, you Tease you!

  2. Tamaku so much for some all serious-ish dark coloured business suit! Ati you're wearing what?

  3. Hehehehehehehehehe! Now that is a really cool lunch hour read, made my afternoon!

  4. Hhahahaha....give me Tamaku anyday-and not in that naughty way! You are hilarity itself!

  5. I´m 5´7¨ too (at least I always was until I began shrinking)...you´ve given ¨layered¨ all new meaning!

  6. We have a word for people like you, Tamaku - Perv.


  7. Hi Tamaku, for once i thought you had gone bonkers! fishnets? but what the heck every man has a fetish but i am sure you are felt what ladies feel like when wearing those nets.Your lower part of your body must have been in the 7th heaven!

  8. Hi WildeY,

    You should give fishnets a try, more fish netted that way (I know, a poor gag). xx

    Hi Anengiyefa,

    It's a real buzz sitting in meetings just knowing what you've got under. BTW check out these men's tights you might see a pair you like. xx

  9. Hi Shiko-Msa,

    An ex-girlfriend (yes I've had one of those too) started me off, it was her thing. Now just comes naturally. xxx

    Hi Mama,

    Makes you wonder when you see men in suits, eh! xxx

    Hey Maya,

    Why should lasses have all the fun? Equality NOW! lol! xxx

    Hi Leonardo,

    Good things come in small packages, even though size matters! xx

    Hi Pater Nostra,

    I was hoping to borrow your priest's collar for a fantasy of mine...xx

    Hi gay young kenyan,

    For once only? lol! Just for fun, fella. I think I need to post pictures, ama? xx

  10. Aisee bwana, with garters to match?

  11. Hi Mama Shujaa,

    But of course. Best part is peeling them off...xxx

  12. And now I'm officially suspicious of any man in a suit. I wonder whether they know why I'm sizing them up like that. hehehehe.

    Ex-girlfriend, I see. Curiosity mingi mingi but I see.

  13. Hi Shiko-Msa,

    Yeah, it's complicated. May be one day over a double espresso...have a good day. xxxx

  14. I have sareed your vibe...what!!??

  15. Hi Mystic

    Now what's the drama??

  16. Hi Mystic,

    It's been playing on my mind all day long. Did you mean you have a saree from Pakistan for me to try on?

  17. You ALWAYS do it for me Tamaku....hahaha

  18. Hey Glado,

    Happy to oblige ;)...xxx x


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