Thursday, June 11, 2009


Should the discovery of the 'gay' gene in a fetus be grounds for

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  1. absolutely not! the world would loose extraordinary musicians, artists, leaders, men and women...

  2. WHAT? Have you been swilling those ¨Tuckers¨ (or whatever you call them)? That´s the last bit of scientific information that ought be presented to countries who persecute LGBT people constituionally (anyway)!

    Besides, don´t throw startling topics out when I´m adjusting to all this low-key beige.


  3. Hmmm, I am firm beleiver in Pro-Life, so that's a No-No from me.

  4. Hi sid kachumbari,

    Do you think many parents-to be will see it in the same light?

    Hi Leonardo,

    The lager that I stopped drinking almost 2 weeks ago goes by the name of Tusker.

    No, I feel we need to be setting the agenda and taking the issues to those opposed to us having equal rights under the law.

    Hey Pater Nostra,

    I respect your view even though I'm pro choice. I don't want to cloud the gay debate by going into that other one just now :)

  5. You know, I´m convinced there is a Gay Gene...I´ve always noticed that Gay was very much alive at the core of my being...dealing with that ¨difficulty¨ took many years...I almost believed the junktalk that was yammered about...I almost killed me (with strong beverages purchased by the case)...but, alas, me and my Gay Gene survived! We lived to enjoy+ intimacy and ripened genes all new meaning!

  6. Thats an absolute no!!!I believe in the concept of ying and yang, good and evil and I think that even if the foetus causes danger to the life of the mother he/she should be let to live, if possible. Nature has a way of striking a balance and if one thing is destroyed then another is created. Not many people agree with this theory of mine but that is how I see it. Balance of nature. Besides the gay gene would provide diversity in the gene pool :)

  7. I'm also pro choice but, that said, a gay gene being grounds - not so sure. Why would you want to stop a life based on someone being fabulous, wunderbar, creative, phenomenal, funny etc etc

    We, as gay folk, after all RULE BABY!

    Just a thought - use it, don't use it...

  8. Hi Mystic,

    Thanks for your comments. However don't you think many parents want to have kids who'll give them grandkids. So here we are saying from the start they are looking at having kids who won't give them biological grandkids (pure ego,imho). If such a test existed then don't you think many might opt for the abortion route? xx xx

    Hi Billy,

    Is this where pro choice starts to wear thin? I'm confused, don't have the answer and I doubt it'll be easy in coming.

    Of course gays rule, ok! xxx xx

  9. We are moving to an age where the priorities for the families are changing and you would be surprised that some parents do not even want their kids to have babies coz they believe that they are a generation of 'irresponsible' bubble heads who would not know how to take care of children. At least that is the kind of background that I come from. So to them having grand kids is no longer a priority and besides having children is another matter of choice, whether straight or gay if you want kids you can have kids.

  10. Mystic,

    If only others were as grounded as you! We plan to have kids, don't ask me how. xxx


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