Thursday, June 18, 2009

From the sick bay

Text from George:

How many knees can you name?

Answer: right knee, left knee, acne!


What do you call a rooster making a phone call?

Cock ring

Could do better but still brought a smile to my face! Had chicken soup
with extra chillies for lunch. Before that played a game of scrabble
with Imelda, she beat me with killer word XI. Feeling better already.

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  1. Hey! Seriously! cock Ring??? LOL

    Sorry! bout ya ailment. Get well soon, and I mean it!

  2. Heal, I say heal! (loudly and after putting hands firmly on both shoulders)

  3. Hi WildeY,

    Thanks fella, I should be back to normal soon. xxxx

    Hi Haute Haiku,

    Yeah can you believe those juvenile gags? Thanks for your wishes, nice to know when people care. xxxx

    Hey Leonardo,

    Your healing powers are phenomenal, I feel amazing, now let me put my clothes back on. Lol! xxxx

  4. Tamaku, wishing you a speedy and complete recovery.

  5. Hi CodLiverOil,

    Thanks for the wishes. I feel better for all the love. xxxx

  6. Hi T
    I discovered your blog a couple of months and I got totally hooked reading back posts sometimes till 3am, am a slow reader! Your impeccable English and captivating writing style and the content is second to none. Plus the content was engaging. But recently I am dont enjoy it as much, your language has changed. You could discuss sex without being vulgar, you did not use abusive language, you seem to be getting on the crass side of things and that is a real pity. what changed? Muksie


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