Saturday, June 13, 2009

Madonna have Mercy on me

So the Material Girl has been granted full adoption rights by the court in Malawi to 3-year old Mercy whose mother died soon after her birth. Her biological father had read the script like so many other men and walked out during the pregnancy. The little matter of qualifying residency has been waived not least because the court recognised that one Madonna Louise Ciccone has spent over Ksh1.4 billion through her charity Raising Malawi which provides care for more than one million orphans. The predictable media frenzy hasn’t disappointed with the usual suspects crying foul, 'ooh look, another case of celebrity special treatment'. Even that old chestnut racism has been bandied around.

These hypocrites really boil my piss, armchair critics quick to read mischief from what little is gleaned from news reports. I’ve got some questions for anonymous who’ll no doubt send me abusive comments: Where are you while little Mercy and millions of others languish in orphanages? We never see your indignation at the plight of families too poor whose only choice for their kids is adoption. You continue to vote in individuals who use your taxes to corruptly enrich themselves while refusing to pay taxes themselves. These are the same people who would be against gay adoption; they’d rather the children were raised in faceless institutions. I think the word I’m looking for here is ENVY.

So for me Madonna’s victory is my victory! Common sense prevails over ignorance and fear. Now Mercy James will join Lourdes, Rocco and Banda in the Vogue household. I say cheers, chin chin (tea-cups) and good for you, may you have a long, happy life.


  1. straightarrow2009June 13, 2009 at 2:54 PM

    I aplaud what you have put up here... in all honesty, (sorry to bring up old trash) it reminds me of the days when Blake would rant and rave about how bad homosexuals are and that we are recruiting the youth and blah blah blah, and yet there are bigger things than that. in all honesty if we were that dangerous then why do countless friends find it easy to leave us with their children? one of my friends got in bed with a married guy, and is now expecting, and where is the guy... happily married.she was kind enough to let me be the child's guardian.
    Guys are all up in arms about gay this immoral that when in our own back yard we are dealing with muggings and killings, car jacking, corrupt officials and representatives of the government, children growing up in overpopulated, under staffed, undersupplied orphanages.. and they dare look at us and say that we are the major problem in Kenya.... ok.. i think i'll stop there before i utter a kalenjin war cry in anger and bring the neighbours running to my place :)... but seriously, good stuff... they may not listen to us, they may not allow us to adopt, but they can't stop us from helping, and though they look down on us and keep screaming to high heavens that we are the root of all evil, we will endure what they throw at us, even though we know that 75% of the messes we end up fixing are their faults....

  2. straightarrow2009June 13, 2009 at 2:59 PM

    Even as they accuse us, we ask them, on whose hands does the blood of 11 year old Carl Joseph's suicide rest on? is it the gay kids or the straight ones.
    funny how we are branded the evil ones yet they are the ones that keep hurting, destroying and killing us.

  3. Hey straightarrow,

    I see this is something you are passionate about! People are complex while life is meant to be simple. I just want to be happy, skipping in sunny meadows with my man and these people won't have any of it!!! xxxx


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