Saturday, June 27, 2009

Nairobi Photos - 2

Some pictures of Nairobi following on from a previous post.

The Courts where justice is served (don't make me laugh!)

A deserted Biashara Street, shops mainly dealing in fabrics.

Haile Selassie Avenue seen from a pedestrian bridge.

Above is a view of the City Hall.

Street views (old) taken behind the City Hall.

Last picture shows the Village Market a mall in the Gigiri area hosting shops, foodcourt, a recreation complex and even a nearby luxury hotel. A favourite of recession-proof Kenyans and expatriates. Take a peek.


  1. Very nice...I like the pristine feeling of the streets and buildings...also, The Village Market array is quite lovely...makes one want to have a bbq´d whatever that was at your pals house at one of the restaurants...the Men´s apparel is soooooooo conservative, yet tailored and sleek some of the fabrics were gorgeous and some of the accessories and watches were interesting too.

    Thanks for the tourette!


  2. Tamaku, there's something about Nairobi that keeps me enthralled whenever I see photos of this most beautiful city. And the men, OMG! It's a pet dream I have to one day relocate to Kenya when I retire...or maybe even before then...who knows..Thanks for the pics

  3. Hi Leonardo,

    Many parts of Nairobi's outskirts are not as pristine and there is a rising rate of serious crime, I need to get out more! The fashion sense has seen a movement towards more colour although most Nairobians still swear by the shirt and tie ensemble for business..aaargg! The roast meat (over charcoal) and beer (lots of it) are national sport but one is spoilt for choice at markets for vegetables and fruit also. All in all, pretty cool. xxxx

  4. Anengiyefa,

    What can I say? I'm certain they'll be many waiting to welcome you with open arms and make your time here a beautiful, memorable experience my brother. xxxx

  5. Lovely pics thanks, my fave is the Village Market one.

  6. Very exciting! Thanks for that!


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