Friday, June 26, 2009

Ben Dover

You think that's an unfortunate name?

How about this person introducing the main speaker at a conference:

"..a big welcome to Mike Hunt!"

(I know it's a schoolboy gag but I am so bored today can't wait for
the weekend)

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  1. Tamaku,

    You think that is a funny name?! How abut Uranus? LOL!

  2. guess who is around for the week!!! I am also balling this weekend being back and all Nairobi feels like its not containing me:)

  3. I´m so innocent, hum, I thought Ben Dover was a Kenyan you were featuring from the East of England. Have a wonderful weekend yourself!

  4. Hey Mystic,

    Karibu sana dadangu unywe pombe (halali) na ule vyakula (bora)..end of Swahili attempt!xxxx

    Hey Leonardo,

    Many gay Kenyans would love to be Ben Dover!!!! xxxx


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