Thursday, April 2, 2009

Indecent Proposals - Should I?

A rather strange email landed in my inbox yesterday. AR obviously wants to turn my life into an experiment or a circus depends which way you look at it. Let me explain: the email contained two intriguing proposals. Both are fraught with unpredictability, one is even downright reckless and dangerous to me. Anyway here is what this reader is asking me to consider:

Proposal A
– To charm a woman stranger in a bar or nightclub for a night and then come out to her as gay. Aim is to see whether I can pass for a straight man for an evening. Apparently my writing sounds queer, so I must be as camp as a row of tents.

Proposal BTo publish my own picture here on this blog. Aim is to dispel the myth of the non-existent gay Kenyan.

I was a little unsettled when I read this and mildly offended as you can well imagine. What gives this person the temerity to think my life is for hire. Is this taking things too far? When did I become a puppet?

But another part of me is up for a challenge. What do the good people here think?


  1. Hello there,

    I dont know much about gay life in Kenya but from what i have been digging up it seems like either options would be disastrous. I think your sexuality is your own business and trying to charm a woman would be unethical since you will not be able to follow through. Stringing someone isnt the nicest thing to do. Proposal B should only be considered if it empowers you since there will be major consequences.

  2. Hi gay accountant,

    Proposal A is one I would least consider. The ethical point is an important one but, and this is a big but (ha ha!), should this be totally discounted given that any forays would remain within safe limits ie some light flirting perhaps? I wonder what straight women would think to discover they'd been chatted up by a flaming gay man..

    Proposal B is very attractive. I have been going through some of my pictures since I received this email, just thinking and wondering. Hmmm x

  3. Both are insane proposals.

    FIRST: Women love Gay men. I´m still fighting them off, no, I mean really, and I´m old (and they are divorced or widows or plain pushy or rich enough to think I´ll go for *it*...silly geese)...and I make no attempt to conceal my lifestyle (and most know it anyway at a certain social level)...

    Second. The worst. A invitation to be persecuted, exploited and maybe even murdered...I tell you, please believe me (although you´re surrounded with them) religious Selective Scriptural zealots are the most demented of us all...they THINK they are doing Gods work and so they defend, define a God who needs NO DEFENSE.

    I think you´re articulate, loving, handsome, poised, well-mannered, funny, clever and patient (we have yet to see how things unfold in the relationship department)...I pray you´re not codependent...if you promise not to honor any of this idiots off-the-wall requests!

    As if his ¨challenges¨ were anything that meant anything anyway!



  4. How about a double? You and George kissing? That ought slow this crazed reader down...JUST KIDDING backs of heads only in view! I loved Gug´s recent photo of him in a boat...well, his forehead in a boat! LOL

  5. How can it be indecent when there are no orgasms involved? Am I too literal minded?


  6. Hi Tamaku..

    Do you have fag hags in Nairobi? Over here some chicks love to hang out with gay guys since they can have a hot guy friend who notices more than how big their boobs, asses are. You might be shocked the lady might actually give it back.

  7. Hi Leonardo,

    You think too well of me. Lol, I'm just a regular guy. Thanks for your wise counsel. In light of day seems your are right, but what if..just kidding. Have a lovely day, Juan Carlos and the household. x x x

    Habari Keguro,

    How about I send you a dvd of 'one I made earlier' lol! You don't try to dissuade me from these insane 'challenges' no, I take it you are a yes? x x

    Hi gay accountant,

    Fag hags are here, but I don't intend to do 'anything'. I wouldn't know what to do if 'it' fell on a plate in front of me! (banish the thought!). Have a nice day. x x

  8. Bottom line Tamaku is this- What do YOU want to do?

    I am cool if you are.

  9. What does it matter if you're as queer as a three dollar bill, and what does it matter if you post a picture of yourself on your blog.

    The fun part for me (personally) with bloggin is that it's a space I can be completely myself and be anon at the same time! Where else do we get that chance...

    Just a though - use it, don't use it!

  10. It's the small things that bite... An inocent deed today may come back to haunt you in the future... then again, that deed could be saying hi to a stranger on your way to work. I say do both and hope nothing bad comes from it.

  11. I am thinking (may take a while!). Thanks all for the advice, I'm waiting to hear a woman's perspective as well..

  12. ...and here's one from the women. Don't!


  13. Hi Wallace,

    Ok, I won't take up proposal A - for now. Thanks. x

  14. Although I do have a very clear picture of what you may look like, I'd still like to see your real face, but I'd rather you stayed safe and keep writing this amazing blog!

    Jay D

  15. Hi Jay,

    Thanks for stopping by. I'm thinking about it. I have a talented friend working in the media industry, he tells me he can do me nice pictures. I'll need to be careful as you rightly point out. Asante (swahili for thanks) for your compliments. x

  16. Hi Tamaku

    i understand your predicament here, but from a guy who does't know how to hide who he his, how about a compromise, a picture that reveals nothing and the women thing, i'd do that for the fun of it, but thats me. and plus i have the advantage of living in England, so this ones on you Kid.

    Sorry about the film quote i just couldn't help myself



  17. Hi Spyke,

    I'm working on it. I have to be careful, presidents and senators don't have men killed. Sorry about the film quote! x


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