Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just a quickie

Hi everyone. Just wanted to catch up with what’s going on. Looks like Kalonzo Musyoka takes the crown for Kenya’s sexiest male politician as voted by you dear readers, unless there’s some overnight rigging which we all know is unheard of in Kenya! Perhaps he’ll include it in his manifesto for the 2012 elections...

I’m feeling down in the dumps and at a crossroads lately. Yesterday I went and treated myself to a 17-inch laptop thinking that would cheer me up but when I got home I didn’t even take it out of the box. I feel quite depressed.

So, I’m contemplating quitting my job - that’s the crossroads I’m at. I'm thinking of trying my hand at something that I enjoy but I don’t know what it is at the moment. I can’t blog full-time because I don’t think I can sustain myself (and us) on just roasted maize and tea! And people who responded to my CV post only want me to send them photos of me on a hammock in just my monkey-skin thong. Don’t they know how itchy those things are around the crotch?

Anyway, so perhaps I’ll start making jams and pickles to sell (Jamaku, anyone?). Or perhaps I could start a communal-wank where people come together (hear me out) and have a wank in a group while watching the same porn on a giant screen hence saving on electricity in their homes. Like a wanking chama. No? I really need some ideas, so please you clever people out there help me out.

Anyway there’s the end of my quickie which actually turned out to be a marathon session. Hehehe. Laters my dears.


  1. What? and I Just bought one of them monkey suit thingy and u tell me its itchy!?!?!?!? Oh man... LMAO

    ok ok ok about that wanka-chama see i even have a brand name for it... the slogan can be cum one cum all!!!!!!

  2. Last time I felt like that, I decided to take a year out, pack up, buy a Land Rover and attempt to drive it across Africa from Cape Town to Cairo. Then I woke up in the morning and realised that it was all a dream, lol.

    But seriously, the way I see it, nobody knows you and the choices that are open to you better than you yourself. So ideally, you should be the one making the decision what the next chapter should be. What I will say is that anything you decide to do should be something that you feel good about doing. Follow your instincts, but be assured that whatever it is you find yourself doing my support is guaranteed.

  3. You are fast on your feet, aware of the feelings (and probably needs) of others and a great host (even when the hosting gets a little tiresome...fabulous)...I do think a wonderful spot, with *fabulous* atmosphere, no hastle, good food (you talk food very well) and a drink or twelve for the guests...what about it, a place, where, for a price, a person can have a comfortable and anonymous evening (guard at the door and inside too) with great food, lusty music and who knows what? Everyone in casual yet *fabulous* attire to keep the illusion/longing up (kind of like going on a trip but only for the night and the dreaming may not be a dream at all).

  4. Jamaku? LOL! I really have no ideas. But the wankathon sounds great!

    Kalonzo... really? Sexiness needs to be properly defined.

    Quitting a job can be really an energy sapper sometimes. But where jobs are annoying or not fulfilling, then there are few options left but to throw in the towel.

  5. I of all people know how hard it is not to feel contented and how giving advice is usually easier than taking it. You have just started a new job and there must be something that attracted you to it in the first place. Try to find it and reconnect with it. If not weigh your options very carefully and go for what your instincts tell you. Be sure that you enjoy it to the full. Try surround yourself with people you love that way you do not have to think of how depressed you are all the time.

  6. Wow a whole nice laptop like that didn't cheer you up? aaaawww...don't fret... It's one of those phases everyone has. you ought to sit down and think aboutwhat you want in life..maybe that'll help? At least your cheekyness is still there =D

  7. Hi sid kachumbari

    You better watch out for ticks too! Hiyo monkey-business si mchezo! I like the slogan for the chama, 'pay-as-you-cum'. xxx

    Hi Anengiyefa,

    I wish I could wake up and find it's all been just a bad nightmare. xxx

    Hi Leonardo,

    A brothel sounds like a great idea!!! xxx

    Hi Our Kid,

    I intend to have different flavours for the jams, you can have gay flavours (yummy!)or straight flavours (they give me indigestion though)...xxxx

  8. Hey Tamaku is this midlife crisis or gayouposal or homopousal?
    If it is any of these it is selious,take care nakufeel

  9. Hi angelandimp,

    I feel like the juice has simply been sapped out of me. Don't want to do anything or go anywhere. That's like classic depression, right? I've lost interest in many things but I've got much to be thankful too - could be worse. So I don't think I'll be jumping off a bridge this time. Thanks for your concern honey. xxx x x

    Hi cuppatea,

    Silly of me to think that shiny things can make one happy! BTW the laptop weighs quite a bit so I'm not even sure why I bought it! This is one time when big is not better :(
    xx xx

  10. Hi Anon,

    Imagine you might be right on the money! But I'm not sure - I probably need a dipstick to confirm your diagnosis. Mmmmm...I gave up anonymous dipsticking
    years back :(
    But I feel you too bro. Pole. xx xx xx

  11. You are such a creative soul, full of humor and positive vibes. I know you will succeed in whatever you set your mind to.

    From what I gather, your current position allows you to be somewhat creative? You are in marketing right? Do you feel like you are not learning any more, stifled, controlled?

    Take heart in the knowledge that you are talented even beyond what you and I have witnessed. There is a giant lurking beneath the surface, waiting to break through walls that you may have unwittingly built around your own potential.

    Perhaps you are ready to face the next frontier; accept the discomfort, the crossroads as necessary components of the strides you are making in your life.

    Everything's gonna be alright. Bob Marley was on point when he sang "Good friends we have, oh, good friends weve lost, Along the way.
    In this great future, you cant forget your past;
    So dry your tears, I seh......." Life's transitions...


  12. Hi Mama Shujaa,

    I'm in tears reading your comments. I work in PR, but sick of covering up for plain incompetence and cases of wilful neglect. I'm reviewing whatever options are available and getting ready to make some sacrifices. I know you wish me well, thanks sis. xx xx

  13. Yesterday, I was depressed. I remembered this post and went to buy a 17" laptop. Popped into the ATM and was confronted with a bank account that asked whether I was considering a career in comedy. Yes, an inanimate object put me down.

    Ok, I'm clearly not winning any awards for my humour. lol

    I quit a good job 2 months back and I'm entering, with a sibling, into a venture which is as likely to fail dramatically as it is to turn out lucrative and fulfilling (in the long run). I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried but then again, I haven't been happier and more contented in a long while.

    Not suggesting that you quit but perhaps this is your mind's way of telling you its time to move on? Or alternatively, you may be needing a short break away from it all...

    (havent read the rest of the comments so I apologise if Im repeating s'thing that's already been mentioned)

  14. Hey Mo,

    When you say ATM I have another image in my sex-crazed mind ;)

    Anyway, moving on swiftly - you are right, there's alot to be said for being happy where you spend the most time and of course if it turns lucrative then even better. I guess we can get to the point in work when the salary, the respect of peers and the perks just don't cut it. That's where I am.

    Thanks for popping by, and I wish you and your bro/sis all the best in your new venture. I see you also have blog too, I'll check it out soon. xx xxx


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