Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Today I received Stii-from-afrigator’s response to my rant. Thanks Stii!

Yesterday I was playing a little word game, as you do to pass the time. I’d promised Mama Shujaa I’d employ the use of ‘tabasamu’ (‘smile’ in Swahili) somewhere in conversation. So when I popped into the fridge and planted a can of the real thing before my colleague Sheila I said, ‘Have a coke and a tabasamu!’ She looked at me expectedly. I guessed she thought I was also offering something ‘tamu’ (sweet) such as a cookie. Later during a meeting with a client who visited our office I thought I’d throw in one of the new words that I’ve invented. So while going over t&c’s I ventured, ‘…and we never dibulge our sources.’ Prospective client didn’t bat mascaraed eyelash, but once again Sheila of the owlic hearing stopped a left blink in midfall as if to ask what’s going on. Now she thinks she’s hearing things. Earlier in the morning Sheila was telling me about Prison Break which she’d watched and how she absolutely loves Dominic Purcell. OMG please don’t tell me I’m the only one thinking 'DP' for short.

Later we had lunch, just us two. We’re going through a fruit diet phase aka The Purge. Freshly made fruit juices for breakfast, fruit salads for lunch. Sheila brought in the largest strawberries I’ve ever seen, some the size of a baby’s fist! Monsanto encouraged? I pondered as I devoured a pair. Our diurnal piety would earn us dubious rewards of alcohol and cigarettes while watching the football match after work. Sheila took a second bite into a luscious gleaming red apple before scrunching her face, ‘Aaargh it’s rotten inside.’

‘Mmmm,’ I munched away. ‘Unfortunately you can’t tell what they’ll be like inside from the outside.’ Sheila aimed the tainted fruit at the bin’s rim. What a shot!

Just like people,’ she said softly. Yeah, just like people I echoed inside my head.


  1. Hi. When was your last psychiatric evaluation? I am thinking if I was Sheila I would have burst out into fits of laughter...dibulge... Ha ha ha ha! my God I can't stop laughing. LMAO! LOL.

  2. Hi Naughty feeling,

    I said it very fast only Sheila who knows the way I normally speak could pick it up. Ha ha! (sound of the laughing maniac) I once had a conversation with a Kenyan psychiatrist whose first name sounds like prank, he jokingly said I was due an evaluation! Lol! xx

  3. Hi Tamaku, I see that it was my comment that caused Stii to smile there. Now, please get back to him and inform him that since I joined Afrigator, I have been able to log into my account only once, since every password they have sent me subsequently has been a dud. I can't manage the acount, follow other blogs and so on, and I was just starting to consider blotting them out altogether. All in all, for me Afrigator has not been something to smile about. By the way, I'm repeating this message on his blog too.

  4. Hi Anengiyefa,

    Let's all count back slowly from 10...and breathe out...he heehe! It was only a laugh I was having, I really don't give a monkey's about any of this affair. To be honest I've nothing more to add to it. I'm just waiting to see whether Stii accepts my drinks offer. xx x

  5. That Stii guy, I also once dealt with him when I had beef with my Afrigator account. I got the impression that he's very cooperative and easy to deal with.

    Tamaku you have been so tagged.

  6. LOL Tamaku, in a mankini?! That i'd love to see!

    Hey Anengiyefa, I resonded on my blog's comments, but in case you don't get it there, here it is again:

    "Anengiyefa, I hear you. Did you email support? If so, when? I’d like to follow this up, please.

    On that note, I’ve sorted out the problem for you. You should be able to log in with the latest password emailed to you.

    I sincerely apologise for the gripe we caused you and would like to assure you that if I had known you had this issue, it would have been attended to immediately!"

  7. I found your passage on my blog. Thank you!I'll have the time to discover your blog, which seems interesting. asante!!!

  8. Za leo? I see you are spreading the smiles...Ah! So nice.

    We need you to get a script going for a reality TV show - days at the office. Did Sheila's blink ever fall? And how is the cleansing going? Going well, I hope, at least mentally, if not physically?

    Sending you many tabasamus

  9. Tamaku,

    What's going on with George? We have not heard about him in a minute! Post!!

  10. Hi Shiko-Msa,

    Stii is the best, so chilled and accessible. Umenitag? Am coming over there now! xx

    Hey Stii,

    Once again, thanks for sprinkling your magic! x

    Hi Tumika,

    The pleasure is all mine, great blog you have there. I'm grateful to kaasa1 for pointing it out. Thanks. x

    Hey Mama Shujaa,

    Life is better when people are smiling around you. You'll have a cameo role when the script is

    Cleansing is one day at a time. I'm focussing on the physical, mental will follow. Nairobi is too much of a party town, it's a wonder any work gets done. Asante kwa kunijulia hali. x x

    Hi Anon,

    I'll post soon. I made dinner last night, I've got pictures to go with it. I hope you like food. Check back soon. Thanks for stopping. xx

  11. I died at this post! It oozes sarchismo. Are you sure you didn't fall head first as baby? As Kenyans say, you're not 'nomo'. LOL.

    Salaams to George - from my crystal ball, I see he'll indeed live a long life (laughter is the new elixir). I'm glued.


  12. Hi Wallace,

    Lol! Sometimes I wonder, maybe if I banged my gay head as a baby I'd be 'nomo'? I'd probably be married with kids (3?) which would be pretty cool but I might never know just how cool..
    ;(..but then George might never have existed in my life. Anyway I love people-watching and listening which can be very enjoyable. I'll let you in on a secret - Sheila and I are getting close, there's a real chemistry thing going on from spending so much time together. I think I'll come out to her soon, what are your thoughts? I remember you told me some time back not to be a bad boy and attempt anything with women and I always bear that in mind.
    George is fine, I made dinner last night since Imelda is briefly away. Later. xx

  13. Thanks for sending your wonderful readers my way!! Nashukuru. :-)

  14. Mama Shujaa,

    Tabasamus all round....

  15. Hi Tamaku,
    Been gone far too long yet you'd asked for direction on the case of Sheila. Apologies for my uncool behaviour. Now to the wise words (hope I'm not too late): do NOT break the code. Keep all females at armslength. Believe you me, if you came out to her you'll ruin your relationship forever - please keep in mind you're her boss in the office front and that professional relationship cannot be overemphasised. I know faghags are cool, but not this!


  16. Hey Wallace,

    Better late than never. I've come to my senses, Sheila and I are better off the way things are. We work well together, infact I'm looking to go to the civil service and Sheila has said we would move together. Her words confirmed her loyalty and friendship so I don't think it's wise to move the boundaries and further. Thanks so much, it helps to get a second view. xx x

  17. Tamaku,
    You're Welcome - I'm glad to be of help.
    All the best as you head into the civil service. Are you sure the move is just not to give George company in the civil service, now that he's a cop and all? (evil grin on my face as I type this...)



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