Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nairobi Photos

I went to the Fuji shop at the Village market to collect photos from our holiday last week. I was pleasantly surprised to find some pictures of Nairobi still saved to my camera. Here are some of them:

The first one I like because of the architecture and texture of the building.

This second one of a partly pedestrianised Mama Ngina Street I took standing on the steps of KCS House.

Picture number three was taken from the balcony of Tacos Bar (gay Nairobians say yeah!). The statue is of Dedan Kimathi, Freedom Fighter.

Last pic is a side view of Hilton taken from the shaded steps of KCS House. Admittedly I'll never make a photo-journalist.

There are many many more pictures of Nairobi and a heated debate here.

PS. Uploading photos to your blog over a slow connection is not for the impatient!


  1. Hey Anengiyefa,

    Might not be such a good idea to show my pic here. I won't be a good secret gay man then. BUT, not ruled out completely. Still thinking about it. x x

  2. Tamaku, surely you didn't really think I was asking you to post your pics on here...I was thinking more in terms of scenery etc., as you did with the Nai photos

  3. Hi Anengiyefa,

    Hehee, that's what I thought you meant! You see I was recently considering posting my pic here, hence the crossed lines. Excuse my absent mindedness! I'll see what I've got for the scenery. It was pretty cloudy when we went due to onset of rains so pics don't look great, but I'll sort something out soon. x x

  4. Well, we could have a cameo about in a crowd on the streets of Nairobi? A secret picture of you...drag? disguised? heavily made up and in costume?

    The more I come here the more I think Kenya must be a wonderful country...there is something compelling about it and I haven´t figured it out (since I´ve never covered the Africa ¨beat¨ but I´ve always had African American friends)...still, our President Obama does turn my head a little when it comes to Kenya too...I also like the fact that his Mom was White...I like mixtures of people (religion, social standing, race) because I think we get stronger in every way by sharing of ourselves (sometimes in every way) Moms Grandmother was half Pawnee American Indian...I swear I feel like I can touch the part of me that wants to rebel and go on the ¨war path¨ against injustice and I also attribute a very mean streak that gurgles somewhere within to that part of my bloodline (but it´s probably the English blood of my English, Yorshireman, Dad).

    Anyway, thanks for the photos...more, more, more!

  5. Hi Leonardo,

    It's an intriguing idea, the cameo shot - one that I'm considering.

    Mixtures of people are what bind communities together, breaking down barriers. So we should celebrate it as you rightly allude.

    I'll post some more photos soon. Have a great week ahead. x x

  6. Hey Tamaku,

    Nairobi truly is a beautiful place and with beautiful people at heart too! Its like one big cultural pot of all sorts of people. Though in the blend there is also the haters as usual. I miss my Nairobi. thought hope to be back soon.

  7. I hear Tacos is the 'gay joint' in the CBD. And what happened to the Gypsy?

  8. Hey!! Thats me...consider yourself sued!!

  9. Hi Tamaku, Nairobi certainly looks clean and well ordered. I can see why Kenya is one of the favourite tourist destinations of the British unlike Nigeria ... enough said on that.

    Tamaku would you describe yourself as a middle-class Kenyan or an Upper Class one?

  10. Hi CPK,

    I don't eve recall the last time I went to Tacos, don't go out much. x x

    PS. Don't get your second comment, are you in one of the pictures of the crowd??!?

  11. Hey Mystic,

    It's an elegant city, especially CBD, Central Park through to Upperhill where I work has some amazing views. But there are also many people who live in deplorable conditions without basic amenities in the slums. It can be a shock to the system for a first-timer. I hope you don't stay away too long, change is happening very fast. x x

    Hi CodLiverOil,

    Every city has it's own vibe, I most certainly would love to sample the nightlife of Lagos or Abuja. I think the fact that a major UN agency (UNEP) is located in Nairobi has played a part in developing the likes of enormous malls, chic bars and other amenities familiar to Westerners.

    On your question about class, it's not an easy one for me to answer. I have had some wonderful opportunities presented to me, it suffices to say I haven't squandered them! x x

  12. Such good memories. Thanks for posting...

  13. Hey Billy,

    You're very welcome. This place has a bewitching beauty.x x

  14. Leviticus 18:22 Thou shall not lie with aman as one lies with a woman as it is detestable.
    You are living in the cursed generation thus practicing that which is forbidden. The demons have taken over your body such that you are now taking pride and living the western lifestyle of publicising that which is profane, let's wait and see where this leads you.

  15. Hi Vikki W,

    Thanks for stopping by. I on the other hand subscribe to John's explanation from the New Testament - where real love is, there is God. I live by this doctrine; which one do you live by? x x

  16. Sorry Mama Shujaa I rejected your comment in error, so I've tried to recreate below (I'm so clumsy in the morning!)

    Mama Shujaa said...

    Dang, I've been living in America too long. I love these, especially because you took them. I've been receiving some from a Naija Forum lately. LOL! Eh, kweli Nairobi is a beautiful city...

  17. wow how come guyz your are not part of the giant forum your can see all kind of developments and news its here

    or if you can't google skyscrapercity then go under african forum then go under kenya sub section. you will love it and you will see the rest of the world

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