Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kenyan politician in gay row

A senior politician in Kenya has left his wife of 20 years for a younger male lover – his official driver. It has been reported that the wife confronted the politician with explicit photographic evidence gleaned from hired private investigators following what the wife termed as prolonged denial of her conjugal rights. Sources have told the media that the man who has three adult children left his wife after last-ditch efforts to reconcile the pair collapsed when the politician refused to end the affair with the man.

Neighbours speaking on condition of anonymity, describe the politician as being overly friendly with their teenage sons, a matter causing speculation as to who else the politician might have ensnared. As Kenyan media went to press the politician was said to be holed in meetings at a city hotel with various supporters including church leaders. The whereabouts of the young man at the centre of the row remain unknown.

More to follow.

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