Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shout it from the rooftops

The weekend is here, again! This one is for all the gay Kenyan boys and gals and their supporters…there’s no stopping us now! How about this for an anthem?

I promise to be a good boy and not bore you with more videos (for a while, lol!)


  1. So, you did it again!

    Luther Vandross, may have changed my life don´t have to be a Kenyan to feel the depth of ¨ain´t no stoppin´us now¨ may be more of a group effort than you imagine, but having a Kenyan-American President makes a big difference (just what kind of splendid are you growing over there?)!

    Happy Weekend, it´s still Thursday evening here in the middle of wherever it is that I think I am...enjoy!

  2. Hi Leonardo,

    Good morning. I hope we can live to see the change we need here in Kenya. 3 things Kenyans love: politics, religion and partying (incongruous as they may seem)! Have a lovely weekend too. x x

  3. Again?!

    Amazing, just amazing!

    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. I like your love of soulful disco music!
    Have a great weekend. I'm planning to.

  5. Friday here - and in fact I'm going home soon. Have a half day...

    Wish I was in Nairobi for some Nyama Choma and a Tusker or two.

  6. Hi Pater Nostra, WildeY and Billy,

    Have a lovely weekend guys. Hope we can arrange a nyama choma sesh one of these days?! x x


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