Tuesday, April 14, 2009

When I first fell in love

He was one of the most beautiful souls that ever lived. Those eyes, those lips, that voice…gone too soon…thanks for the memories.


  1. Gays should and MUST be lynched out of Kenya!

    Fire on you faggotts!

  2. Hi Anon,

    Your call for the murder of fellow citizens is noted. x x

  3. Tamaku,

    My God, oh my God, how did I ever miss Luther Vandross? I think you´ve taken anon´s advice, you almost killed me...what a man, what a talent (I immediately Googled and read all the details of his life)...yes, that´s what it feels like, he sang it, he conveyed it...I´m not certain I´ll be the same again...you really did me in.

    Thank you,

    I know not where I´ve been for the last 30+ years.

  4. Super talented brother..and oh so cute. It is a pity he passed on without coming out. This has taken me way back.

    Ignore the troll.

  5. Good morning Leonardo and GNM,

    I published the troll because I think we still need people to know about the hatred that is sometimes directed towards us....anyway...

    Luther was just the best. I had the opportunity to watch him live at the Royal Albert Hall in London with my sister in the early 90's..no other performance has ever surpassed that experience.

    Guys, thanks for your support. Have love filled days. x x

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  7. Luther was the greatest but Tamaku you naughty boy did you luv him because he looked cool and everyone speculated he was also a good looking teddy bear

  8. Hi Anon,

    Indeed I think of him as the greatest. I confess to also having a crush on him. x x

  9. Do gays really fall in love or is it just sex?

  10. Hi Careers Point Kenya,

    Just the same way many straight people enjoy sex as a 'sport' so do some gay people. It follows then that gay people also fall genuinely in love. We are not wired differently in that regard. Love is universal. x x

  11. I´ve been in my studio painting...all I can think of is Luther (I snuck back in here earlier and played him again)...gulp, I don´t think I´ve been so moved in such a long time...thank you again, and to think you saw him in London!

    I keep thinking about his life...did people think he was Gay? Did he think he was Gay, yet afraid to come out?

    Mil Gracias,


  12. Dear Leonardo,

    I'm glad that Luther's music brings this joy to you. I watched him live with my sister all those years ago but those memories are still fresh in my heart.

    What kind of paintings do you do? Is this purely a leisure activity? If you don't mind please let me see some by email kenyanballs@gmail.com (aha!)...be blessed buddy.

    x x

  13. Luther was divine, just divine. And yes, to bad he didn't 'come out' while alive. I am saying this as Luther's number 1 fanette!

    Even if he did, that doesn't change the fact he was and still is the best there is.

    Tamaku, ignore the haters!!!

  14. Tamaku,

    Ignore that anon guy I think he is just jealous!!! Probably why he chose to hide his identity! Who is he to judge who should or should not be alive. Am heterosexual but have truly been inspired by you :) I read your blog every day and i think it is an inspiration to anyone who ever wished they would be in love, myself included.

  15. Wow Mystic,

    You are a wonderful soul, imagine I can tell from what you've written and how you've written it. Thanks so much. x x


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