Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Steaming piles of manure

What started as a trickle has now turned into a steady torrent of anonymous hate mail. All this noxious slime goes into a bulging folder I’ve lovingly labeled ‘colostomy bag’. And I’m not alone; Pater Nostra seems to enjoy a similar fan base.

Haters don’t keep me awake at night. On occasion I confess to having trouble falling asleep, like the other night when I was tossing and turning, George asked me what was on my mind. I said I was just wondering what if a woman has a sex-change and now dates men, are they both gay? He said it’s interesting but he never thought about it. He asked me do you think Caroline Mutoko, from the radio, is that a man in drag? I said it never crossed my mind. Then we both nodded off.


  1. One only wishes the manure could at least fertilize something!

    My apologies this is happening. I wish I could lend you the juju that prevents my receiving hate mail--but I need it.

    I would be interested in seeing what you're receiving, so if you're so inclined, please forward it to me. Perhaps I can use it to weave together something interesting.

  2. Hi Keguro,

    I think I'll need to visit the mganga kutoka Tanzania, these local ones are just wasting my money giving me useless chicken bones and feathers!

    I'll see what I can send your way (the crap). xx

  3. Hey Tamaku,

    Try not to think about these haters. You don't want to give yourself ulcers. I always say lets be proud of our differences and our uniqueness coz that is what makes us stand out. And I am a firm believer that you should never fit in when you were born to stand out. If they have a problem, let them deal with it and they should not make you loose sleep thinking about them because chances are am sure they don't loose sleep thinking about you.

  4. Hey Mystic,

    Nice to read your encouraging message in between meetings. Most of these misfits are also sad loners. Shame. Have an enjoyable day. xx x

  5. When your blog gets popular as it is right now, you are bound to get is after all a Kenyan trait.

    I like the way you are handling it...I used to respond politely and try and educate the poor sods.. not anymore, I roll with the punches and throw a few too

  6. I see one of my fans has shown his outburst to you too. I received a similar comment. Just another day in Paradise!

  7. The only thing you can really do is pity them really. Such strong emotion for something that hardly affects you strikes me as pathetic.

  8. Hi GNM and Pater Nostra,

    I can honestly say the popularity thing has taken me by surprise, appears we are rolling with some big boys! Thanks to all who continue to follow us on this journey. People such as yourselves. I love you guys!

    I personally don't have the time to continue banging my head against a wall of irrational hate. If people wish to debate in good faith and in a calm orderly fashion then no problem, I'm all for dialogue. Thanks again for your support. xx

    Hi Anon,

    I pity them especially as it's all a wasted effort on their part. A bunch of bullies. Thanks for stopping by. xx


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