Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Going away

We are all packed and ready. Just one more sleep before we go off for our Easter break tomorrow. George and I are both excited and looking forward to spending quality time somewhere romantic alone together for the first time. Incredibly George was expected at work and knowing he wouldn’t get his leave authorised so soon after the 2 week holiday in March he purchased a week’s sick note from a doctor at Corner House. I think we would both have been more sick than the diarrhoea if we had to cancel, that's our justification. We’ll set off to the lodge in the Rift Valley after I finish work tomorrow afternoon and stay there for 4 nights. As usual Imelda is also going away to spend time with the family who include her young son Paul and elderly mum in Kawangware.

I am sure you’ll understand that I don’t intend to go near a blog during this time, so here’s wishing you all a Happy Easter weekend. Hope to have some juicy ones to share when we return. Have a lovely time wherever you are.


  1. Hi Tamaku, reading this post before I got to the end, the first thought that came to my mind was, "I hope he's going to remember to take a laptop..." then I heard you say you won't be going anywhere near a blog. Aww, I'm going to miss you Tamaku, but its ok, as long as you promise to enjoy yourself and please take good care of George. Enjoy..

  2. Hi Anengiyefa,

    I'll take my laptop with me; I should have said don't 'intend' (would have been more accurate!). I'll miss you too fella! BTW I may be in your neck of the woods later in the summer, I'll confirm in the next couple of weeks. Ciao. x

  3. Tamaku,

    Unanitia presha ya kufanya kitu na Max this Easter. You guys seem to be having fun na sisi huku bado tunangangana.

    Enjoy your get-away child and keep us posted on the little naughty things you do away from our eye and ears.

    P.S. Remember to carry lingerie. Ensure it doesn't come back full. Make sure George dear rips it out during you know what! Oops, I almost gave away the 'secret.'

    Love ya!

  4. Happy easter Tamaku! To both you and George. 4 nights? Thats awesome. Have mad fun!

  5. Hi Pater Nostra,

    For a soon to be priest you are a kinky devil! Lol. I'm a pyjamas kind of guy (boring), George prefers to sleep with nothing on....the things I do for this blog. I've broken my blog fast as George went on a tour of a local flower farm. I'm against the damage these farms cause to the environment so I chose to stay behind. They'll soon be back as it's lunch time. Love you too. xx

    Hi Amelia,

    Happy Easter to you and your dearest too. The gardens, birdlife and landscapes here are amazing, you'd be writing acres of poetry! Thanks. xxx

  6. I keep it real Tamaku.

    Ebu, spill on what the two of you love birds have been doing!

    Make our Easter interesting! (-:

  7. Love your blog!! I'm all caught up and ready for more tales!

  8. Hi Pater Nostra,

    Ehe, we'll see. Some I have to keep just for me and Gee, ama? x x

    Hi kelitu,

    Wow thanks..we are just gays being guys! x x

  9. Hi Anon,

    I agree with you. Smoking kills.

    x x


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