Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thankfully thankful

To my housekeeper Imelda, thanks for last night when you joined us in the lounge to watch Evita as George and I lay cuddling on the couch. Thanks for wanting to share our quality time with us instead of choosing to retreat to your quarters after dinner. I saw how completely at ease you were sitting with us while also knitting that sweater for your beloved son, chatting and laughing. You’ve never shown that repulsion some straight people describe at the sight of two men kissing or being affectionate. You know I love you.

Thanks to the talkative travel agent in the crisp button down blue shirt and matching dark tie for not flinching when we booked the double bed for our upcoming Easter break. I was searching your eyes for the familiar revulsion but you saw my fear and purposely reassured me when you said, ‘It’s a wonderful lodge, you’ll have no problems.’ You understood how much this meant to us.

Finally to the female attendant at that petrol station along Limuru Road on Sunday evening, you noticed George’s hand caressing my knee when you brought my change back to the car. You showered me your dazzling smile as you’ve always done whenever you’ve served me in the past. You are a star.

What are you thankful for?


  1. Now, let me hope that Imelda, the travel agent and the petrol station attendant are readers of this blog. If this was your way of letting us know that you're both going off somewhere nice for Easter, well, do have a good time and make sure you enjoy every minute of it..

  2. Hi Anengiyefa,

    Hey, thanks. We are both looking forward to this break. I rather selfishly hope they don't know about this blog. On this post I just felt a need to salute these people who don't unnecessarily make life tougher for gay people. I also love any acts of kindness and thoughtfulness especially from strangers. x

  3. Imelda, is a woman of class. A realistic wisher of good...I´m happy for you.

    Isn´t it funny? I have this odd little feeling of joy and well-being thinking of you and your George sleeping snuggly way over there in Africa...in another hour it will be time for Juan Carlos and I will be doing the same...it´s sort of like you are warming up the Universe each night into day...I like to think that we are ALL sleeping more peacefully just knowing all is well.

  4. HI Leonardo,

    Who will cure us romantics? I wish you and Juan Carlos all the best. x x

  5. I'm thankful for the owner and patrons of my local who sees me there with my 'friend' often and doesn't even lift an eyebrow at the little touches on the knee, the heated gazes across the table, the possesive hand on the small of the back as we're walking ...etc...

  6. I'm thankful that I could share a number of years with someone who made me truly happy, who my family loved dearly and who made my life better, every time I looked into his eyes.

    And that I live in a country that has gotten over itself and given Gay folk basic rights... I wish you the best, and I'm glad that you recieved some kindness.

  7. WHAT?

    I fell for the April Fools posting (actually, it´s probably true story, happening as we speak, minus the added twist of the neighborhood boys...the driver certainly wouldn´t stand quietly around for that)!

    Anyway, in this culture (Latin America) it´s exactly what would happen except gossip would carry the day and nobody else would know unless it leaked through servants who overheard the confrontation (amongst the other end of the economic scale heads would roll, literally, with machete jealousy/justice directed toward the driver...unsafe at any speed)...or possibly the driver would be paid off and sent away or simply disappear if he became too persistant or demanding...that´s how they deal with things around here...poof, problems are gone! Amnesia sets in! I think double standards are interesting...they apply to far more than just sexual adventures.

    What prank next? Glad I went to the bank yesterday, I think I´ll hide today...it´s another gorgeous day in Latin America and perfect for reading blogs, painting my art, maybe a trip to the gym (I´ve gained weight, the kind that comes with contentment).

    I overslept this morning, as did Juan Carlos and he´s running around caring for his birds and rabbits before he runs off to work...I fed the dogs already...we have four dogs, all wonders, all different...an Old English Sheep Dog, A Cocker Spaniel, a Minature Snauzer and a King Charles Spaniel/Peekaniese mix...no fooling, every bird, rabbit and dog has a names and our house is ALIVE with motion and color always.

    Happy/safe DAY (that you´re already having)...and may all your fools be of the everyday variety!

  8. Hi WildeY,

    Your local sounds like a fun & safe place. Pity I don't think any establishment is ready yet to fly a gay banner. An interesting proposition. x

    Hi Billy,

    I also find that beautiful memories never fade. x

    Hi Leonardo,

    I'm glad you saw it for what it was; a harmless bit of fun. Your household sounds like a delightful beehive of activity. I love pets, especially dogs but haven't gotten round to having one for myself as work commitments can be infexible. My fav breed is the border collie, so responsive. I'd think I'd died and gone to heaven in your house. Oohh, the envy. x

  9. Thank GOD for people like Imelda and the two other persons. It is such small acts of kindness and understanding towards gay people that makes me smile.

    Truly, the world isn't a bad place after all for gay people.

    I'll say a Hail Mary for the three of them. They deserve it.


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