Sunday, April 26, 2009

Breakfast in bed

I extricated myself gingerly from George’s embrace to roll gently out of bed. I didn’t want to wake him but he stirred and mumbled come back to bed, I knelt on his side of the bed and whispered,’ Honey, I’ll be back. Please let me go make some breakfast,’ and kissed his eyes shut.

Going downstairs just in my pyjama bottoms and tattered slippers to the kitchen I wasn’t feeling too great perhaps due to the dinner party we went to last night and the liberal amount of booze we quaffed. Must learn my limits, I said to myself for the umpteenth time as I popped one of the 175mg Milk Thistle capsules that I keep incase I fall off the wagon again. On the fridge door Imelda the housekeeper had left me a post-it note, Tamaku, make sure you eat the salad I made. Remember your cholesterol, no red meat today (this last instruction underlined twice). Awww Imelda what a sweetie, my heart and I both love you. And I’m full of admiration too because she doesn’t have the benefit of a spell-checker. She spends today and every Sunday with her son Paul and mother in Kawangware.

Then I made my signature dish of Spanish omelette Kenyan-style without the milk but with hot green chilies, accompanied by farmer’s choice sausages (let’s all pretend I saw Imelda’s note after breakfast) and four slices of toast. I also put a flask of sasini gold tea ‘packed with passion’ and a jug of carrot juice on the tray to take upstairs to the bedroom.

So George and I sat up in bed eating, both blissfully quiet. Sometimes you don’t even need to say a word; the silence says it all.


  1. I am teary-eyed! Max should be reading this. My dream breakfast!!!

  2. Hey Pater Nostra,

    Shall I add also that after breakfast, tears flowed but only of joy....x x

  3. Really great work! have a nice week!

  4. Nice, why does everything you do seem so seamless...I´m using Juan C´s computer and can´t find the question mark...I hate Spanish keyboards...mine is one too but it seems to be more bilingual...anyway, our Sunday was nice, met friends for a luncheon and made plans for a little trip to a very big lake next weekend...all is well and I just ate a huge bowl of mangos with lemon and sea salt...gurgle!

    Abrazos to all over there in Africa, hoping all is well with you and Kenya has just selected a new Anglican Archbishop (the gossip is that the honor went to the highest anti-lgbt bidder all behind the scenes every bigot knows...God hates fags)!

    Leonardo Ricardo

  5. Hi David Santos,

    Thanks for your comments! Have a lovely week too. x x

    Hey Leonardo,

    I can't say I've tried mango and lemon, it's got to be done (sounds fab). My view is these bigots are on the wrong side of history, we will defeat them because ours is about freedom and dignity. cheers x x

  6. AAwww sweet sweet! Why can't straight men learn from you??

    Simply Bliss!


  7. Tamaku...

    The Mangos are abundant this time of year here...the greener ones we eat sliced up with squeeze(es) of lemon juice and a sort of chili ground pepper dusted over them...the riper/sweeter with lemon and sprinkles of´ll see, really good.

  8. Hi Anon,

    If you just send the straight men my way I'll get them 'trained' up! Just kidding. Hey, thanks for stopping by. x x


    Sounds we put the ground red chili on the mango but haven't tried it with lemon. The thought of it is getting my taste buds tingling! x x


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