Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nameless You Are So Hot

A man's man. Congrats on Best East African Song at Kili for 'Salari'! But this one is my fav...

Have a great weekend all...xx


  1. I Think he is hot too!!!!!:P

  2. HI Mystic,

    His looks aren't too bad either! ..
    Have a wicked weekend. x x

  3. I like his music- very danceable. And I agree- he's not too bad on the eyes... ;)

    Have a good weekend T. I'm just back from a long trip in the wilderness. I've missed the Nairobi traffic so much :)

  4. So, whats up for the weekend? You went silent on your escapades with George!!

  5. Hi WildeY,

    Nice to hear from you. Even a few days from the city and the traffic is forgotten! Pole.. x x

    Hi CPK,

    I can assure you pale pale is sawa kabisa! x x


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