Sunday, April 26, 2009

Queer Kenya

This article appeared in Makokha’s Memos column of yesterday’s Daily Nation.
I am cautiously excited to see these honest views expressed within the pages of a major newspaper. Let’s hope it heralds a new era in changing attitudes away from ignorance and hate.

Very apt given Simon Collery's article on how Homophobia and ‘Morality’ impact HIV.


  1. Tamaku, what you suggest is true, but I would be even more cautious with my optimism, since I can't help wondering why the author of that article seemed unable to portray homosexuality in a manner that is other than sex that occurs between same-sex people who are in other words, either knowingly or not, associating homosexuality with criminality...Its not surprising then that the article has in bold, "Men Who Have Sex With Men Commit Crimes.."

  2. Hi Anengiyefa,

    I guess I'm just grateful for any crumbs thrown our way! Perhaps my exuberance is misplaced, I await the 'letters to the editor' section to see how it's been received. xx x

  3. I think they can come up with some kinda of rationalized doublestandardized denial and fantasized rationalizing at prisons...why don´t they just say the condoms are for people who everyone knows, HIV is a disease transmitted by bodily to keep those bodily fluids under control...of course, if the fundamentalists object to the mastrubacion, the condoms can always be applied before bedtime to absorb wet dreams...whatever...get those condoms to the prisoners (they seem to be able to smuggle the drugs in just fine). Perhaps the NEW Anglican Archbishop designate of Kenya will have some fresh new ideas about HOW TO LOVE ALL of the FLOCK (instead of damning LGBT Anglicans and others to Hell)!

  4. Hi Leonardo,

    Yes I'm one for giving Bishop Eliud Wabukala the benefit of doubt. Let's wait and see if this will be vindicated. xx

  5. Tamaku,

    I am privy not to what the article says, but to the incident he (Makokha) refers to. Yes, one of my lesbian friend was the one who was hit and was hospitalised. We are still doing a follow-up of the case and we hope justice is done.

    The attacker, another 'straight' woman, we also know by name and where she lives and we hope that the laws of Kenya act accordingly.

    It was a sad incident and I hope that my girl recovers.

  6. Pater Nostra,

    It breaks my heart that someone is so irked by the sexual orientation of another that they resort to violence. I wish your friend a speedy recovery and let's see whether justice will be served. x


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