Friday, April 24, 2009

Award Acceptance Speech

Fellow homos, closets and fag hags,

I have deservedly been awarded the Honest Scrap Award by Maya, Shiko-Msa and Rebekah. Not surprisingly the citation says “This award is bestowed upon a fellow blogger whose blog’s content or design is, in the giver’s opinion, brilliant.” The money that I paid to get this award is a small price for the glory that I am destined to enjoy throughout blogosphere.

A condition of this award is I have to list 10 honest things about me:

1. I am wearing a pink mankini as I type this
2. I drink beer and wine, never whiskey
3. I read the Daily Nation never The East African Standard - hence no known link
4. I stole a toy car when I was at Lady Northey nursery school. Carjacking is not new but you can never drive away the guilt
5. The quote in my head right now is "I'm a just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her” (Notting Hill the movie)
6. I love Tibet even though I’ve never been there
7. I live in fear that there are naked pictures of me somewhere on the web
8. I always take my clients with me when I change jobs
9. Dormans for coffee dates, never Java
10. I was once stopped at an airport because someone wrongly thought I was a drug dealer

So, now that you know the real Tamaku who is currently easily identifiable from the size of his swollen head, I will follow tradition and bestow this award on Anengiyefa, Billy GNM, MYSTIC, Pater Nostra,Wildeyearnings and last but not the least the indefatigable Leonardo who upon accepting should also list 10 honest things about themselves and then pass it on to seven others. Work it boys and girls!


  1. lol, I've been laughing since I saw your post on my blog. I haven't stopped laughing lol

  2. Hey Anengiyefa,

    I did enquire but sadly they'll be no limo to the event (some malarkey about credit crunch !).. xx x

  3. Me too, me, so kind of you to include me in the ongoing festivities of it all...¨indefatigable¨ is quite appropriate (slothful would be appropriate too in other moments, but that´s for later) I go, to accept my award (I love having it come to me by way of Africa...that ought get those Anglican Bishops and their American accomplices in a twit!)...they do snoop/slither around OUR blogs you know.

  4. Hi Leonardo,

    It's my pleasure! This is another event those bigots are not invited to. Love to all. x x

  5. Number're sucha laugh! I was going to tagg you so you know but was beaten to it.

  6. Hey Farmgal,

    I know, I'm like a kid in class, teacher! teacher! me! me!...pick meeeee! meanwhile George rolls his eyes, wonders when his bitch is coming to bed! Lol! x x

  7. There you have it, my acceptance moisty acceptance speech, my confessions and my thanks to you!

  8. Tamaku

    Both you and Farmgal feel I deserve this award..Brilliant but I doubt I have twenty honest things to share..I will go to the bottom of the barrel to get 10.

    I accept I accept

  9. Hey GNM,

    We love you because you say it like it is! Cheers. x x

  10. 10 (dis) honest things about myself.

    1. I am deathly afraid of anal sex. It could be that its because I haven't engaged in it before but people, I am a chicken when it comes to that. Max is a saint!

    2. I have this big, black ass that is causing major traffic jams on Jogoo Road. Its not Muthurwa or cops that are causing the problem. I literally stop traffic.

    3. I am very good at giving blow jobs. Heck, my cooking sucks but so do I.

    4. I am a top.

    5. I have a 'thang' for lesbians.

    6. I love watching Spongebob Squarepant cartoon Levey Saturday morning on KTN.

    7. Mine is larger. Trust me.

    8. I outgrew wanking.

    9. I love going for keg beer in the backstreet dingy pubs in Nairobi. Mwaura's and Somerset are my fav.

    10. I suffer from multiple personality disorder and poor you who believes numbers 1-9. But, hey then, it could be that all of it is true!

    I accept the Award and nominate the following Mwendwa, Wildeyearnings, M, Kenya gay youth,Poul K., GNM and of course the diva in the pink mankini! You know yourself, Barbie!


  11. Fellow homos, closets and fag hags...

    Yeah, I came by to check out how you pulled off your speech..and you didn't dissapoint! Lol!

  12. Hi Pater Nostra,

    You naughty man. Lol! Trim that ass, it may get stuck going through the gates of heaven! x x

    Hey Maya,

    Happy to oblige. Thanks! x x

  13. A belated acceptance here! I'm quite honoured (and tickled) by the award.

    Now on to my list on my censor or not to censor..that is the question.

  14. Hi WildeY,

    You're welcome. I'll pop over to check, just like the class prefect! x x

  15. Hi Sweetie. Thanks for the nomination - will post soon, just not in the right frame of mind right now. Soon - I promise.


  16. Hey Billy,

    Of course, I understand. Thanks fella. x x

  17. I just got this award, and I cheated a little by naming you as one of my seven, even though you've already been tagged. I would say shame on you for stealing that toy car, but I once bit a boy in daycare for taking his socks off when he wasn't supposed to.

  18. Hi Rebekah,

    Thanks for the award! I need a larger mantlepiece. I'll deal with it shortly. BTW have you ever considered that the boy you bit might be wandering the earth with a fetish for nylons after what you did to him? lol!!! xxxxxx


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