Monday, April 27, 2009

The IT guy

I’ve just arrived home from unplanned after-work drinks with our IT guy, Hitesh. I can’t tell you the full story now because George wants us to have an early night. Tomorrow I’ll try and tell you more about Hitesh who’s the spitting image of the guy in this picture.

Funny Pictures


  1. Tamaku, why are you hating on this guy? He is so cute!

  2. Hi Anne,

    Good morning. I am not hating - quite the contrary, the little story is coming. x x

  3. Lol cant wait for the story. Meanwhile I want that shoe!

  4. LOL. This wannabe-Hitesh is v.flexible. Lemme try that at home. Ps; I'm addicted to your blog- there, I'm out of the closet :)

  5. Hi Shiko-Msa,
    The shoe-size is like size 13! Lol! x x

    Hi Gathoni,
    Yeah, I tried and failed to strike that pose. Thanks for coming by. x x

    We Pater Nostra,
    You see the people in my office? I'd just turn up for the laughs even bila pay! x x


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