Monday, May 4, 2009

No Gator Love For Me

Me, addicted to blogging? Never, I’m too sensible for that. This morning at 2am while staring at the screen in the study I was shocked to see my ranking on drop from 48th in Kenya to 271! Oh the shame and indignity, how dare they? I know my rights!

Naturally I immediately fired off an email to Gator House, South Africa: "Dear Afrigator, I need to know who my friends are. You’ll have to choose between me and Todo sobre safaris, el blog de Paco León "(yes your typical Kenyan blog ranked at 36!). I’m still awaiting a reply though I notice my ranking has gone back to what it was yesterday. I can start eating again.

Last week the boyfriend said I’m spending too long online in the evenings after work. So I went online to check the effects of spending too much time online. An hour later I concluded that I need other activities to avoid getting ‘monitor tan’ or uttering ‘AMOF’ during client presentations.

So now I’ve rediscovered books. Yep, that archaic pastime calling reading. I dusted boxes stored away in the garage and now George and I sit some evenings just turning pages. He’s reading Sidney Sheldon’s Are You Afraid of the Dark? And I am engrossed again in The Painted Bird by Jerzy Kosinski which I first read 20 years ago. Next I’ve got Pimp by Iceberg Slim lined up. Both are great reads which I’m happy to be reunited with.


  1. Now don´t go all obsessive about this thing...I´m just starting to understand the innermost real and creative activity of the Kenyan Diary mind!

  2. Hi Leonardo,

    Blogging can be addictive, but then so can other activities including reading as I am rediscovering! I'll do a post soon on why I do what I do. Have a lovely day over there! xx

  3. Afrigator seems to be quite fond of gymnastics in their rating of blogs. I was catapaulted from about 3965 in Africa to 865 overnight. I checked the blog again, but could find nothing which I had done to warrant the promotion. The next day I was down to 1654 again. Not sure what to make of this blog ranking business by Afrigator.

  4. Hey Anengiyefa,

    In between waiting for their CEO's call (surely an afromogator will pick up my bone?) I'm demoted to a 'mere' blogger! This is unacceptable, tut-tut! I'm minded to inform them we have real hungry crocodiles in Kenya! xx

  5. I had to nip my net surfing time in the bud. It was really bad to the point I would get home from work and get online immediately, and two hours later realise I was still in my work gear....Yeah it was a problem. I too rediscovered books and am on #3 of Paolo Coelho's books. I totally recommend "The Alchemist" and " Veronika decides to die".... if you are into mystical stuff... :)

  6. You make me tabasamu Tamaku. Yup, that is why I stick to "weekly" posts...trying not to get hooked.

  7. Whatever happens with Afrigator just don't stop blogging!!!! You have also become part of our lives and that's all the ranking you assurance from your avid readers.

  8. Hi floatilla,

    I need to widen my selection. Thanks for these recommendations. Cheers xx

    Hi Mama Shujaa,

    Tabasamu is a beautiful word. I'll try and use it sometime today. Thanks. x

    Hey Mystic,

    I don't intend to stop blogging. I just need to curb the time I spend doing it. Thanks for following my storos. Have a great day. x

  9. Tamaku,you speak Spanish too? What? Tell me you are a concert pianist as well? You write so well, you speak Spanish, you are so kind...need I go on? I want to meet you now.

  10. Oops, looks like someone isn't too pleased! lol!

  11. Tamaku,

    What´s this Afrigator thing? I am such a blonde! Keep me up to date!

    Anyhooo, reading is a great past time. In fact I cannot sleep without reading a book. Currently, I am reading Miguel Cervantes´ ´Don Quixote de La Mancha´ and likewise Graham Green´ ´Monsignor Quixote.´

    They are deep books that detail the life of man but told in chivalric style and you have to delve deeper to see the point being passed across. They are quite humorous and fanciful.

    I am a book worm, Child. I have huge collection of various genres and I enjoy reading every one of them.

    However, I don't do romance or fuddy-duddy love novels. I am tired of the princess-meets-prince-charming-and-live-happy-ever-after plots! Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White were enough for me!

    BTW, do you know these fairy stories are gay-oriented? I just realized that when I later came to read in between the lines and seeing the animation movies of the same!


  12. A bit of an addict myself, but will deny it at all costs...

    Please do not stop though - one of my favourite reads.

  13. Hello Pater Nostra,

    Hahaha! The afrigator thing is a storm in a small teacup inside my mind's kitchen. As you should know by now I'm such a drama queen. Graham Greene's Our Man in Havana was my set-book in high school. Sadly I haven't read anything else by him since (2 years ago...ok I missed a zero somewhere!) It's such a joy to hold books and even the musty smell is enchanting. I'm also an addict of news - mainly politics and business. I can have the tv on, read the newspaper and still go online to read about the same news item! It's so pathetic. How many ways can one be told that Kenyans are being taken for a ride by their politicians? Sounds just like a normal guy? x x

    Hi Billy,

    Looks like we could have a blogger's anonymous (BA), I'm Tamaku and I'm an addict! And then we'd all go and blog about it...mmmm. Thanks for your support, I'm not thinking of stopping, only regulating. x x

  14. Hey there! Stii from Afrigator here. First of all, I want to apologise for not responding to your email. Dunno how all three of us missed that one. Sorry!

    You're not the only person who has questions about the variables in our ranking system, so I thought I'd write a post myself to explain it. I hope it helps or makes sense! You can read it here:

  15. Hi Stii,

    Thanks for explaining this. I've left a response on your site. Asante. x x

  16. Don't forget to check your technorati authority, and google page rank too,lol.

  17. Hey Tamtam,

    Technorati gitu gani? Lol. I'll live, have a fab day! xxx

  18. Hi Tamaku,

    Here you go

    Technorati Authority is the number of unique blogs linking to this blog over the last six months. The higher the number, the more Technorati Authority the blog has. To see reactions to specific posts, you can find them listed on Technorati post pages.

    Go to

  19. Hi Tamtam,

    Thanks hun. I'll check it out soon. Cheers. xx

  20. Well Tamaku i think the afrigator ranking really surprised me....i am now 2nd most viewed blog in kenya......and who still denys that kenyans has alot curious men wanting to see gay porn...

  21. Hi GYK,

    Well done! And I notice you now went to number 1 in Kenya and number 7 in Africa. I am thrilled for you!!


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