Saturday, May 16, 2009

My kind of man

This is the response to my kind of woman. Surely TP has to be ranked somewhere near the top of the list of male stars who oozed raw sex appeal. When you hear that voice there’s no doubt what happens next, you just know. Check out his moves, have mercy on me, think I died and went straight to gay heaven.

The guy makes me sweat.


  1. He´s soooo authentic...that´s what shines through for me...very appealing, almost humble (with all that boldness)...sweet,´re right, heaven...even the flick of a eye.

  2. Hey Leonardo,

    Lots of moisture at his concerts! Of course all this before the accident. Life. xx x

  3. Unmatched restrained passion. Still makes me just wanna turn of the lights! And as Leonardo says a bold humility that just gets under your skin and stays there.


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