Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A cat called Sharon

Sharon you are such a beautiful cat but you are so high-maintenance. Notice how the presenter pulls her hand away from the cheetah then says ‘like a big pussy-cat’! Lol! I am so in love with wildlife.

I'm planning to get a picture taken with Sharon soon.


  1. Interestingly, just yesterday I was watching something on the National Geographic channel about human/wildlife conflict. It was about man-eating lions that had become a serious problem in Tanzania. Apparently people are forced to sleep in their fields to protect their crops from nightime marauders such as wild pigs, which are themselves one of the favorite prey of the lions. But following the wild pigs into the farmland, the lions encounter people who they soon discover are much easier to catch and prey on than the wild pigs. So generation after generation of lions, indeed whole prides, have learned that humans are easy prey, and just as good for eating. Several people have been killed in various parts of the country in recent years. And this apparently had become such a serious problem that the government of Tz had to hire experts from abroad, who together with local sharp shooters were tasked with dealing with the problem. Ominously, the programme ended on the note that the leader of this particular pride of lions was still on the loose. In fact throughout, they only managed to capture just two leopards, which were summarily shot of course, and one lioness.

  2. Wow Anengiyefa,

    Your insight in this subject is very current. We are facing a humans vs wildlife conflict where the current approach comes across as 'well-meaning' liberals saying to the people (mainly pastoralists) that 'conservation is your future.' BUT they then forget to share out the accruing benefits. Imagine, many conservancies in the Kenyan tourism circuit earn millions of dollars annually but these earnings don't filter down to the community. It's no wonder the people start to develop this apathy towards the wildlife. It's not all gloom though, pockets such as Lewa are raising the bar in this area. xx x

  3. straightarrow2008May 27, 2009 at 12:58 AM

    Awwwwww...... she meowed.... i miss our cats.....we had to move to an area where they don't allow pets in the compound... i was so annoyed....and my small sister had to give up our kittens.....ah well, c'est la law

  4. I saw this thingy, I was so afraid Janet Kanini might get swallowed infront of our very eyes, I switched off the telly when she stroked it too much! Ok sometimes I am foolish like that.

  5. Good morning straightarrow, Leonardo and Mama,

    My first pet was a kitten when I was about 8, sadly she died after about 2 months. Poor thing I think I was feeding her the wrong foods! After that I just had dogs and I found them to be the best pets ever, so loyal. Now I'm looking for a cat again because I haven't got the time that a dog needs.
    Have a lovely day all. xxx xx xxx

    PS. Mama you are right it is terrifying being that close to a cheetah, but they are normally ok with humans. Leopards are a different kettle of fish (sorry to mix the creatures up like that!) lol!

  6. I love them animals but this one was a bit too close to the presenters for comfort. I kept cringing on their behalfs! I wonder how they kept straight faces! But Sharon is as cute as they come.

  7. Tamaku, talking about kittens, when I too was about 8, my brother and I were given two kittens. The first thing we decided to do as soon as we had them in our hands was to give them a bath. So we dunked them in water and washed them with soap. And although we tried desperately to dry them and keep them warm, they died within a few minutes. I can never quite forget how sad and sorry I was.

  8. Dawie and I spent some time at the Animal Orphanage is Nairobi and have pictures taken with a Cheetah - not sure if it was Sharon, but those are precious memories...


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