Thursday, May 7, 2009

My kind of woman

As a gay man I just love women! Someone even asked me recently the kind of girl I’d have taken to meet mummy. I thought long and hard. Well here she is; the kind of woman I’d want to marry if I were a straight man. Something about her, see the sparkle in those eyes and the smile! Please tell me what you think about my choice.

Enjoy, remember also what some guys are only about! Have a wonderful weekend.

PS. Love her voice too.


  1. Lauryn Hill is a serious chic, but I can't get Erykah Badu out of my head. It's the way I would look if I did And that voice...

  2. Hi Anengiyefa,

    I love Erykah Badu, these women are all so hot! But out of loyalty it's Lauryn for mama!! xx

  3. I loved the ¨Block Party¨ but my heart belongs to Luther.

  4. I loved that woman.....I was in high school when the fugees were at their peak, so much so that I picked lauryn as my name when I got baptized. She is lovely........

  5. Hi Leonardo,

    Ha ha! I don't blame you. Have a great weekend, love to JC and all! xxx x

    Hi floatilla,

    What a lovely name too! In my mind she's got mythical status. lol! Have a nice one. xxx

  6. I've not known anyone to fault Lauryn Hill (she's a safe bet). She's even maintains her natural hair too. (None of this artificial weave stuff). She's independent and has a mind of her own, what else could you want?

  7. I loved Lauryn Hill; well, that is till Jill Scott and India Arie came on the scene.

    Max patronises me by saying it has something to do with me being attracted to the mad ravings of a black mad woman like in the Matthew Perry movie.

    She was my icon in Primary School. Too bad she no longer writes or sings. And yes, 'Do wop' was a blast!

  8. Hey CodLiverOil,

    I couldn't put it better, independence is such an attractive quality! xx

    Sasa Pater Nostra,

    Max may be right. Mad in my book is better than staid; I'd become bored too easily! Have a lovely weekend. xx x

  9. If I were I guy, I probably would have checked her out too. Love me some Lauryn.

  10. Hey Mama Shujaa,

    I love your honesty! Ok, I'll show you my kind of guy soon. See if you agree? Have a great week ahead...just twiddling thumbs today. Thinking of going for lunch with Sheila. xxx


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