Thursday, May 21, 2009

Back in the day

Hectic days at work, every shilling so hard to come by. I so long for the weekend. Back in my student days I lived in London at a place called Pimlico in SW1. I used to frequent a club called Moonlighting most weekends. Oooh, the fun we had! I miss those days when this sort of music was all the rage and the UK felt like the centre of the universe. London's west end still remains my favourite holiday party zone. Anyway, I promise to post tomorrow an update on what’s been happening. In the meantime hope you enjoy the company of Adina Howard as the weekend beckons. Some bit of naughty for all the freaks like me, from back in the day!


  1. Please...there must be a mistake, you couldn´t have had as much extreme wildness and hedonism as we enjoyed in San Francisco in the 60´s...there just wasn´t anymore available (especially in London except for a couple of moments of madness)!

    Loved the music, off to make Fajitas/corn tortillas for Juan Carlos (his fav)!

  2. Hi Leonardo,

    Hope you & JC enjoyed the fajitas. The mid-90s was a great time to be young and carefree in London. I've heard some wild stories about the 60's, parents used to tell me they'd seen it all before! Have a great weekend. xx

  3. Back in the day I was still in diapers! LOL! Nyinyi ni manyanya kwelikweli.

    You seemed to be having so much fun then and I envy you kidogo.

    Memories are made of this.

    Adina Howard is soulful! I am touched.

  4. Hi,
    This song is great.

    And you have a great blog (I have to find a creative way of saying "I have enjoyed reading your blog for long though I have never left a comment before")

    Have a great weekend

  5. Hi Pater Nostra,

    Kweli kabisa we are no spring chicks even though we've refused to grow old ;(...enjoy the weekend! xxx

    Hey kenyanreality,

    I love the hook, Adina Howard was the bomb back then, the music still has a punch! Glad you like it and thanks for your kind comments. Have a great weekend. xx x

  6. I was witnessing tyhe death of nyayo school milk in 1995. Still cool music though

  7. Hi Andruid,

    I didn't enjoy nyayo milk because I like drinking my milk warm (or hot). And of course there was no choice - 'twas milk or nothing :( Glad you like the music and thanks for stopping by all the way from sunny Yorkshire... xxx x

  8. Well remembering the past can bring regrets and joy at times

  9. Hi gay young kenyan,

    You're right, it's just the way life is. Hopefully more joys, less regrets. Have a great week ahead. xxx x


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