Friday, May 15, 2009

Kenyan gays not taking it lying down

The gay community in Kenya is not as suppressed now as it was some few years back, that’s the impression garnered from this article in a Kenyan publication. It documents the spirited behind-the-scene activities that various groups are engaged in towards changing official policy and public perceptions of homosexuality. A lot still remains to be done but we seem headed in the right direction. You’ll find my views in there too.

PS. Sorry folks, the link appears to have been removed! Well, these things happen ;(
(Thanks Pater Nostra for letting me know). I aim to reproduce the article later if it's still available...hmmmm)

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  1. Tamaku,

    Just a note. The link is not available. (-:

    I'd have loved to read the article. Nonetheless, what you say is true about the strides we are making.

    Pole pole ndio mwendo, they say.